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Farm Software And Worksheets

Put data to work on your farm with these interactive tools. They’ll help you make the informed decisions for your farm and family.


Forage and Livestock

Financial Planning



  • Canola Reseed Calculator 2016 (XLS 132 KB) enables farmers to estimate the benefit or cost of reseeding a damaged canola field.  Calculations are based on in field plant counds, reseeding date, reseeding costs and estimated AgriInsurance reseeding benefits.   
  • Crop Land Purchase Value Planner 2016 (XLS 370 KB) enables farmers to estimate land values based on gross revenue and estimated land rental rates.  Land value planning is an integral component in making financial decisions for your business.
  • Crop Land Rental Rate Planner 2016 (XLS 398 KB) enables farmers to estimate land rental values based on gross revenue, margin over operating costs, investment return of land value, and crop share arrangements.
  • Crop Share Lease 2016 (XLS 91 KB) enables farmers to estimate crop share land rental based on cost contribution share split, revenue share, or typical crop share lease and compare to cash rent rate. 
  • Cropplan enables farmers to calculate and keep a permanent record of the quantities of crop inputs needed on the farm, as well as the cost of these inputs on a per-acre, per-field and whole-farm basis. It also accepts notes on weather, growing conditions, yield and any other comments the farmer needs to record. Calculates cost of production, net income and break-even prices and yields.
  • FertPlan (XLS 71 KB) helps farmers calculate the number of tonnes of fertilizer required, the fertilizer blend and application rate.
  • Grain Bin and Farm Building Rental Cost Planner (XLS 68 KB) enables farmers to estimate rental costs on a monthly,  annual or square foot basis.
  • Grain Drying Cost Calculator 2016 (XLS 149 KB) enables farmers to estimate grain drying costs for batch or continuous flow dryers.
  • MyFarm Crop Production Cost Calculator enables farmers to estimate the annual cash cost of producing field crops on their land. Knowing the cost of production is essential to management, marketing strategy and risk management planning and to giving a farm the best opportunity for overall profitability.
  • Sclerotinia Treatment Decision Tool - Canola (XLS 72 KB) helps farmers estimate the economic benefit or loss when evaluating the decision to control sclerotinia stem rot with fungicide applications on canola fields.
  • Sclerotinia Treatment Decision Tool - Sunflowers (XLS 84KB) helps farmers estimate the economic benefit or loss when evaluating the decision to control sclerotinia stem rot with fungicide applications on sunflower fields.


Forage and Livestock

  • Calf Price Slide Calculator 2016 (XLS 82 KB) enables farmers to calculate the actual sale price of calves when using a contract price with a price slide.
  • Calf Creep Feed Calculator 2016 (XLS 93 KB)  enables farmers to calculate the costs and evaluate the profitability of creep feeding calves on pasture.
  • Cow Replacement Value Calculator 2016 (XLS 85KB) enables farmers to calculate the replacement value for beef cows.  Cow values are calculated based on marginal returns from selling calves plus cull cow values over a 1 to 8 year period at net present values.
  • Cow Overwinter Cost Calculator 2016 (XLS 107 KB) enables farmers to calculate the cost per day to overwinter beef cows.
  • Cow Share Lease Calculator 2016  (XLS 107KB) enables farmers to estimate cow share rental values based on contributions and share of gross revenues. 
  • Cowboss provides a ranking of calves based on their growth performance and is useful in managing the process of herd improvement. Calf growth performance is based on weaning and yearling weight and is adjusted for age of dam and breed of sire and dam. This program uses the equations of the Federal Record of Performance (ROP) program.
  • FeedPlan 2016 (XLS 72 KB) enables farmers to calculate the cost of livestock feed inputs for feed energy (TDN) and crude protein (CP) based on feed test analysis for a variety of commonly used feed ingredients.
  • FencePlan (XLS 56 KB) helps farmers plan the total cost and supplies required for a livestock pasture fencing project.  Costs can also be determined on an annual or per cow basis.
  • Hay Storage Cost Planner (XLS 99 KB) enables farmers to estimate the profitability of hay storage by comparing storage costs to unprotected storage losses.
  • Pasture Rental Rate 2016 (XLS 87KB) calculator helps farmers determine the pasture rental costs based on land values or cost per AUM (animal unit month).
  • Standing Hay Costs (XLS 94 KB) helps farmers estimate the costs of standing hay based on the market value of hay or based on production costs for hay.


Financial Planning 

  • Farmplan (XLS 1.0 MB) is a set of coordinated financial statements designed to calculate net worth (beginning and ending), cash flow, income statement and debt service summary based on production and financial management plans for the coming year(s).
  • LoanPlan (XLS 207 KB) enables farmers to calculate loan payments on a monthly, quarterly or semi annual basis and calculate the interest saved and number of payments reduced when using accelerated principle payments.
  • MarketPlan (XLS 50 KB) record keeping system will allow farmers to track grain sales and remaining inventory, monitor sales and see the implications each sale has on the farm’s financial status.  This spreadsheet will allow you to run different forward pricing and cash sales scenarios to assess breakeven points and profitability.
  • RatioPlan (XLS 85 KB) enables farmers to quickly calculate and interpret farm financial ratios from numbers found on your financial statements.  Ratios on liquidity, solvency, and profitability are useful tools in making financial decisions for your business.
  • Retirement Savings (XLS 81 KB) calculator enables farmers to plan the cash savings and farm assets required for retirement based on age, planned income from savings and pensions, investment returns and changes to annual inflation or consumer price index (CPI). 
  • RetirePlan (XLS 1.8 MB) helps farm families determine their readiness for retirement. The Excel workbook shows how a couple’s finances will fare, based on their retirement age, investment plans, living expenses and other factors.


Please note


Notice to MS-Office XP Users of Farmplan

  • Set your Security Level in Excel to Medium before giving your Farmplan to your lender or other Excel users. This will enable Excel ’97 users to open your Excel XP file.
  • If Excel XP won’t allow you to Enable Macros, your Security Level is probably set at High by default. Change the security level to Medium.
  • To set your Security to Medium in Excel XP: Select Tools, Options and then select the Security tab. Click on the Macro Security button, then select Medium. Then close and re-open Farmplan and select Enable Macros when prompted. Save before giving to others.




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