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The Business and Economics section includes valuable tools and resources to assist you in making sound agribusiness decisions.

Successfully managing and planning your business success starts with you. Contact your local Manitoba Agriculture Office for the support, advice and resources you need to make sound decisions for the continued success of your farm business.  If you have questions, email us and a farm management specialist will contact you. 

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NEW RESOURCES - Now Available:
  • Cost of Production Budgets provide tools to calculate costs of productions for crops, livestock and forages.provide tools to calculate costs of productions for crops, livestock and forages.
  • Crop Reseed Calculator provide tools to estimate the cost or benefit of reseeding a damaged crop field.
  • CROPPLAN Production Cost, Marketing and Management Calculator enables farmers to estimate the annual cash cost of producing field crops on their land. Knowing the cost of production is essential to management, marketing strategy and risk management planning and to giving a farm the best opportunity for overall profitability.
  • The Farm Machinery Custom and Rental Rate Guide (PDF 966 KB) can help estimate these costs and provide the information you need to maximize farm profitability. Download the macro enabled excel spreadsheet version: Saskatchewan and Manitoba Farm Machinery Custom and Rental Rate Guide Calculator (EXCEL 737 KB).
  • Hiring an Advisor for your Farm (PDF 312 KB)
    A good advisor can provide insight and expertise, helping you move your farm from where it is now to where you want it to be. An advisor can play a number of roles for you, and may save time and money when it comes to making important decisions
  •  Alternative Minimum Tax  can be a factor when taxable capital gains are reported, when certain tax credits or losses are claimed and in other situations involving the farm business. This brochure explains when this tax is most likely to come into play, how it is calculated and how it may affect estate planning.
  •  Capital Gains and Losses can have a significant impact on the income tax paid when farm assets are being sold or transferred. This booklet defines capital gains and losses, and explains how they are calculated.
    •  Tax Planning Worksheet shows the information given in the Capital Gains Exemption fact sheet as a tax calculation example.

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September 17, 2017: Open Farm Day

October 15, 2017: Growing Competitiveness - Next Generation application deadline

November 2, 2017: Canadian Association of Farm Advisors Farm Management Update, Niverville

November 19-21 2017: Manitoba Farm Women's Conference

November 21-23, 2017: Farm Management Canada AgEx Conference Farming for our Future: Canada's 150th, Ottawa