Organization Assessments

Easy and quick assessments give organizations clear picture of strengths and challenges

Organizations that are interested in applying for the Growing Visions or Growing Actions programs under Growing Forward 2, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative are required to complete an organization assessment.

The 30-minute assessment can be distributed to organizations electronically or administered in person by a rural leadership specialist with Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development (MAFRD). Responses are kept confidential to support anonymity.

The organization assessment requires executives, board members and staff to answer questions related to the organization’s mission, governance and leadership, program delivery, fund development, strategic relations and internal operations. Participants rank their responses, indicating a need for increased capacity or specifying that they have a basic or a high level of capacity already in place.

Once the assessment is complete, MAFRD compiles the data and provides the organization with a written summary. The summary and dialogue can be extremely useful to both new and experienced organizations and reaches beyond the funding application to provide important information that can be used to set goals and direct future initiatives.

Organization assessments give organizations a realistic picture of their strengths and training needs and help them find opportunities for advancement or increased efficiency. A MAFRD rural leadership specialist will meet with organizations after an assessment to review the findings and talk about the results.

 If you would like to request an organization assessment or discuss your eligibility, call the Growing Forward 2 Program Officer at 204-750-0706 in Winnipeg or email us.