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Growing Innovation

Growing Innovation cultivates activities directed at research and on-farm innovation by providing financial support for state-of-the-art organizations and agencies that conduct innovation-driven projects.

The agriculture landscape has changed dramatically over the years. New levels of improved farm management and farm productivity have resulted from agricultural research and innovation.

Growing Forward 2 continues to build on previous policy frameworks by fostering innovation-driven ideas. The ability to invest in capacity and knowledge development and on-farm and applied extension research is critical to help support the vision of innovation in agriculture.

Growing Innovation invests in three important areas to help facilitate the innovation vision in agriculture:

Agri-Food Research and Development Initiative (ARDI)

This initiative creates an environment that accelerates the pace of innovation in market development, production and proactive risk management by supporting industry-led research and development activities in market development, production and proactive risk management for crops, livestock, environment and food. 

How to apply for Growing Innovation - ARDI

Approved Projects

View Growing Innovation - Agri-Food Research and Development Initiative projects approved as of March 31, 2016 here.

Due to an overwhelming response, this program is fully subscribed and will not be accepting applications at this time. If you have any questions or are interested in being contacted if further funding becomes available, please send your inquiry and a brief project description to the following email address mafrdgf2@gov.mb.ca.


This initiative creates an environment where new ideas in agricultural practices and technologies are evaluated and demonstrated on the farm at the local level. Successful producers continue to implement leading technologies and practices with proven effectiveness. On-farm research provides practical testing that is applicable to local products, practices and conditions. Research benefits individual producers as well as their communities and the general agricultural sector by:
  • increasing productivity
  • introducing new products
  • refining management approaches
  • introducing new crops
  • introducing improved production techniques

How to apply for Growing Innovation - On-Farm 

Capacity and Knowledge Development

This initiative provides the foundation to create a dynamic environment and facilitate innovation. Investments will continue in research and development networks. The initiative will work to create an environment where:
  • state of the art research and development institutions have the ability to accelerate and deliver innovation in Manitoba
  • the industry can present strategic research alliances for action in innovation
  • modern systems provide access to technical information
Capacity development investments are focused on three main areas:
  • establishment, development and operation of initiatives that expand Manitoba’s capacity for innovation
  • expansion of information gathering and interpretation capacity
  • publicly or privately-held infrastructure used in the process of innovation
Examples of innovation centres that will be funded under this initiative include:

Growing Innovation will continue to invest in soil surveys, the agro-meteorology information system and applied research for knowledge development.




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