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Government of Manitoba
Indigenous and Municipal Relations

Northern Healthy Foods Initiative (NHFI)

Mandated by the Healthy Child Committee of Cabinet, the Northern Food Prices Report 2003 recommended ways to reduce the cost of accessing affordable nutritious foods in northern and remote Manitoba communities.

Implementation and Delivery

The Northern Healthy Foods Initiative's (NHFI) primary focus is to support local food self-sufficiency.

Vision: Northern Healthy Foods Initiative will support access to healthy food in northern Manitoba

Objectives are as follows:

  1. Foster activities that improve food accessibility and healthy food choices in northern Manitoba
  2. Support and engage collaborative efforts that will increase access to healthy food in northern Manitoba

NHFI is administered and managed by Manitoba Aboriginal and Northern Affairs, and receives assistance and guidance with overseeing the initiative from the NHFI Management Committee comprised of representatives from various Manitoba government departments and agencies including:

Service Delivery Model

Food security projects are being delivered in northern and remote communities by community-based organizations known as regional partners. These include:

In addition to the regional partners the Initiative works closely with Frontier School Division to implement a plant, food science and nutrition curriculum called Our Learning Garden. You can visit FSD – Our Learning Garden website to learn more about the curriculum.

Northern Healthy Foods Initiative

The NHFI supports local and regional projects that contribute to improving the availability, whether through lower prices, improved quality, or greater access, of nutritious food in Northern Manitoba. Additionally, the NHFI seeks to educate and support Northern Manitobans to make healthy choices in their selection of food. Projects must be ecologically sound, promote a sustainable approach, demonstrate clear community benefits and take into account the need for individuals to gain greater knowledge and control over their local food system.

Aboriginal Procurement Initiative

To support Manitoba's growing Aboriginal population and expand the entrepreneurial sector, the Northern Healthy Foods Initiative encourages project proponents to utilize the Manitoba Aboriginal Procurement Initiative (API) in their project delivery. The API is designed to increase the participation of Aboriginal businesses in providing goods and services. For more information on the API and to find a listing of Aboriginal Business Directory please visit: http://www.gov.mb.ca/mit/psb/api/ab_proc.html

General Contact

Northern Healthy Foods Initiative
Manitoba Aboriginal and Northern Affairs
Box 20-59 Elizabeth Drive
Thompson MB R8N 1X4
Phone: 204-677-6677


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