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Resolving Consumer Problems

If you have a concern with a business, there are steps you can take to get the situation resolved.

Talk to the Business about Your Problem

Let the company know about your issue. Be honest, and speak in a calm and assertive manner – avoid using an angry, threatening or sarcastic tone. Outline your concerns in a logical, matter-of-fact way. You can start with the person closest to the problem. If you are having trouble getting a representative of the business to hear your concerns, check to see if the company has a toll free number for complaints, or ask to speak to a manager. Listen to the explanation given from the business; to be sure you understand their perspective on the situation.

Write to the Business

If the problem is not addressed after speaking to the business, write to the company to let them know what your concerns are. Tips on how to write an effective complaint letter. Be honest; don’t try to make your problem sound worse than it is, as that will not help you.

Keep a Record of Your Conversations and Actions

Write down who you spoke with and when, and what was said. Send any written communication in a way that can confirm it has been sent and received (for example, e-mail, fax or registered letter). Keep all receipts and copies of all letters or other documents.

Give the Company Time to Fix the Problem

It may take a while for the company to respond to your complaint. Allow time for your complaint to be reviewed and replied to.

Contact the Consumer Protection Office

If you are unsuccessful in resolving the problem yourself you can submit a written complaint to us. It is helpful to review our website for information relating to the nature of your complaint before you contact us. Visit our Help for Consumers page to find information.

If the complaint does not fall under the law that we administer we can provide you with assistance and referrals to other agencies that may be able to help. To see what resources are available to you, check out Links & Resources for referrals and resources.

Please note: We review individual complaints and attempt to mediate disputes, but we generally do not recommend individual cases for prosecution. We give priority to complaints of obvious public interest that affect many individuals and involve significant losses or vulnerable and elderly victims.

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