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2016, May 23 11:13
Wildfire crews, with helicopters and water bombers were busy fighting 8 new wildfires in eastern Manitoba yesterday. Four of these were caused by lightning and four were human caused. The suppression efforts by the firefighters were successful on all of these new wildfires. Crews continue working to extinguish hot spots on the Beresford and Caddy Lake wildfires. Crews also continue work on fallen and fire damaged trees on the Mantario Trail.

There are some closures and restrictions in effect in eastern and central Manitoba.

Additional information on these restrictions and areas is available at

General Information:

Please exercise caution when in or near forested areas. In areas where ATV use is authorized, please remember to stay on developed trails, stop frequently to check areas around the engine and exhaust for debris and carefully dispose of any debris found. A small shovel, axe, and fire extinguisher should be carried with your ATV at all times.

Open fires are prohibited from April 1 to November 15 annually, except under a burning permit or in enclosed, approved fire pits such as grated campfire pits in provincial campsites. Activities in wooded areas involving fireworks or sky lanterns may also require written authorization during this time period in certain areas.

For information on required authorization or permits and restrictions, please contact your local Sustainable Development office. Municipalities often implement their own restrictions. Please check with your local municipal offices for further information on any local bans or restrictions.

A list of local Manitoba Sustainable Development offices is available at

Up to date wildfire information and links is available at

To report a wildfire or wildlife issue call 1-800-782-0076 (TIPS / Wildfires). The TIP line does not have any wildfire status information.

74 fires have been reported to date as follows :
REGION Active Year to Date Area Burned ( Ha )
Northeast 3 11 83
Northwest 0 1 8
Western 0 5 120
Central 0 30 1675
Eastern 10 27 81561
TOTALS 13 74 83447
Crews and equipment engaged in today's fire suppression activities
11 Helicopters      6  Waterbombers      42 Extra Firefighters

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