Family History Research

General Information

Researching family history, also known as genealogy, is a fun and rewarding experience which requires a step-by-step approach. A good way to start is to begin with yourself and work your way back through your family. Before visiting an archives or library you should find out as much as you can by talking to various family members and, if they are available, look at old family records, letters, diaries and photographs. Any names, dates, places, occupations, religious and other affiliations that you can find will help you when you begin to research.

When you do your research, make sure you record the places that you have done research and the information you found. Family tree charts are helpful for keeping track of each generation. Be sure to write down the titles of documents, their location codes and any other information, such as microfilm reel numbers, that will help you to find the information again if needed.

As you explore your family history, keep in mind that it is an activity that can take time and patience since you may need to contact or visit different types of archives, government offices and organizations over the course of your research.

Research at the Archives of Manitoba

The Archives of Manitoba has many sources that can help you with your research about family members from Manitoba as well as individuals associated with the Hudson’s Bay Company across Canada and in some parts of the United States. Some records commonly used at the Archives for family history research include:

  • Homestead files
  • Public school attendance records
  • Wills and estate files
  • Hudson's Bay Company servants’ contracts
  • Hudson's Bay Company engagement registers
  • Hudson's Bay Company personnel files
  • Red River Settlement census records
  • Private records of early Manitoba families

You can:

  • Search for information about the resources and records of the Archives of Manitoba.
  • Visit the Archives of Manitoba to further your genealogical research.
  • Research from a distance.