Researchers For Hire

If you would like research assistance beyond what the Archives of Manitoba has been able to provide, please consult the list of researchers for hire below. The people listed below have indicated their willingness to do research in the holdings of the Archives of Manitoba on a fee-for-service basis. These researchers are not employed by or accredited by the Archives of Manitoba and the Archives is not able to answer questions about their availability, services or charges.

If you are a researcher and would like your contact information to be included on, updated in or removed from this list, please send your request to

Contact Information

Research Areas

Bonnie Bridge
Genealogy; urban and rural Manitoba history, baptisms, marriages, burials, homestead applications, directories, censuses, wills, obituaries, newspaper items from the 1870s to the present
Elizabeth Briggs, M.Ed.
(204) 269-7869
Hudson’s Bay Company Archives resources (17th-20th Centuries), Archives of Manitoba resources, Legislative Library resources, biographical records, census records, directories, ships' passenger lists, obituaries, reading and interpreting old documents
Sari Fields, M.A.
(204) 261-5249
(204) 299-0227
Winnipeg and Manitoba history, women’s history, social history, family history (census records, baptisms, marriages, burials, ships’ passenger lists, obituaries, newspaper items), Hudson’s Bay Company Archives resources, government records research; private records research
Elliot Hanowski, PhD (History)
Western Canada, social history, genealogy, religious and church history, history of radical politics and activism, history of secularism and anti-clericalism, historical newspapers, business history, oral history.
Nathan Kramer
Government and Private Sector Archives research: government records, court files (including estate, divorce, and criminal), school records, homestead files, parish files, and municipal records collections. Legislative Library resources: directories, newspaper searches, and obituaries.
Murray Peterson
Western Canadian history, North-Western Ontario history, Winnipeg and Manitoba history (individual history, family history, social history, urban history, rural history, and history of real estate, architecture, economics, railways; agriculture, institutions, corporations & photographs)
Bev Pike
(204) 284-0616
Natural history, women’s history, government records research, private records research, arts and museum studies, environmental movements, naturalist movements
Randy R. Rostecki
(204) 582-4153
1158 Redwood Avenue
Winnipeg, MB  R2X 0Y6
Winnipeg and Manitoba history (rural history, urban history, and history of architecture, real estate & automotives)
Kenton Storey, PhD (history)
(204) 269 2682
Hudson’s Bay Company Archives; Western Canadian history; First Nations Peoples; Treaty-Making; Legal Research; 19th Century Print Culture; Historical Newspapers; Government and Private Records.
Paul Vegas Birth, baptism, death, burial, marriage, divorce, census and obituaries, Métis Status, First Nation Status, French Canadian, Mennonite, photographs, court records, change of name, school, estate, wills, probate, home ownership history and homestead history, photocopy and microfilm assistance

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