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+ Government Documents and Legislative Publications

  • The library is home to a comprehensive collection of published Manitoba government documents from the earliest days of the province's history to the present. This includes debates, bills, statutes, gazettes and regulations;
    major reports; and public information from departments and government agencies.

  • Check the Manitoba Government Publications Monthly Checklist and our
    online catalogue for current published documents received by the Legislative Library.

  • Selected published government documents from the provinces, territories, federal government and Parliament (including debates, bills, statutes,
    gazettes, regulations and major reports) are also available.

+ Books & Reports

Freshwater Fishes of Manitoba by Kenneth W. Stewart and Douglas A. Watkinson
The Freshwater Fishes
of Manitoba
by Kenneth W. Stewart and Douglas A. Watkinson
  • Books and reports are chosen to fill the information needs of the Legislative Assembly and government in areas of law and legislation, politics and government, economic and social issues, and public administration and management.

  • The library's collection includes the most complete collection of materials published in Manitoba.

  • The QUIRC (Quality and Innovation Resource Centre) collection includes publications on leadership, motivation and business excellence. This collection is partially funded by Service Quality Partners and supports Manitoba government programs and services.
+ Rare Books Collection

  • The Rare Book collection has always been an important part of the Legislative Library. The collection's value is continually growing as early works on the history of Manitoba and the former northwest become increasingly rare.

  • The Rare Book Room has its own air conditioning and humidification system which help slow down the aging effects of heat and humidity on brittle paper and bindings. Although it is a working collection which is freely available to researchers, the preservation of rare and sometimes fragile material governs its use. Policies for the care and use of these books ensure they will be preserved for future generations of readers.

  • Visit the Rare Books Collection page for more about the Legislative Library of Manitoba Rare Books Collection
+ Newspapers & Microfilm

Manitoba Newspapers
 A selection of Manitoba  newspapers  available at the  Legislative Library
  • Newspapers currently published in Manitoba are available at both locations.

  • Major daily newspapers from across Canada are available at the Legislative Reading Room.

  • The library has the most complete collection of historical Manitoba newspapers, dating back to 1859. Materials are available on microfilm for onsite research and for interlibrary loan. The Manitoba Newspaper Checklist (1859-1986), available at the Legislative Library and at most libraries in Manitoba, identifies the titles and issues available.

  • The Legislative Library purchases microfilm of Manitoba newspapers when available, and microfilms other Manitoba newspapers. This ensures preservation of current and historical newspapers.

  • Many early Manitoba newspapers are online for free at manitobia.ca

  • List of current Manitoba Newspapers pdf file (132 KB) held by the Legislative Library
+ Periodicals


  • The library holds an extensive collection of periodicals published in Manitoba.

  • Canadian and international titles deal with legislation, parliamentary activities, government programs, interests and current affairs.

  • List of Manitoba periodicals pdf file (405 KB) held by the Legislative Library.

Manitoba Calling, August 1942
Cover of the August 1942
of Manitoba Calling

+ Press Clippings and Scrapbooks

Press Clippings
  Cutting newspapers for the press   clippings files
  • The clippings include articles about provincial government activities selected from the Winnipeg Free Press, Winnipeg Sun, Brandon Sun and La Liberté.

  • Clippings dating back to 1885 are kept in scrapbooks and file folders.

  • Biography, local history and Manitoba politics scrapbooks are available for consultation.

  • The Hansard Scrapbooks provide press coverage of the Manitoba Legislative Assembly's sessions from 1885 until the beginning of the province's official Hansard in 1958.

  • Subject headings lists for the Vertical Files pdf file (728 KB), Local History pdf file (146 KB) files, and Manitoba press clippings pdf file (895 KB) files.
+ Published in Manitoba

  • The library maintains as complete a collection of Manitoba materials as possible, including works published in Manitoba, written by Manitobans and about Manitoba.

  • Since 1919, one copy of any material published in Manitoba is sent free of charge by the publisher to the library, based on the requirements of The Legislative Library Act.

  • The existing collection includes Manitoba materials published in many languages, including works in Cree, English, French, German, Michif, Polish, Tagalog and Ukrainian.

  • The legal deposit process ensures that the library collects and preserves these materials and makes them accessible to the public for current and future research.

  • Visit our Published in Manitoba page for more information.

4 X 4 : a novel by Wayne Tefs
4 x 4 : a novel
by Wayne Tefs

+ Local Histories

Local History Collection
  Shelf containing local histories material

  • The library has a large collection of local and family histories.

  • These histories are from municipalities and communities throughout the province.
  • They are accessible through the library catalogue.

  • Local history press clippings pdf file (318 KB) are also available.






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