"Adult" Films

The Manitoba Film Classification Board regulates all “Adult” films. All “Adult” films sold or rented in Manitoba must to be approved by the MFCB.

Section 20(2) (e) of the regulations of the Amusements Act defines an “Adult” film to be a film where "the sole or primary premise for the film is the depiction of sexual activity….graphic violence." The regulations require all “Adult” films, once approved by the MFCB, to be stickered with the prescribed Manitoba bar code “Adult” sticker.

Section 16.10(2) of the regulation states “A video retailer licencee shall physically and visually segregate all films classified as “Adult”.” Retailers must ensure that only persons 18 years and over can visually and physically access “Adult” film.

Inspectors from the MFCB periodically visit film retailers and distributors throughout the Province to ensure compliance with the Amusements Act and its Regulations.