It's Your Choice

Make an informed decision when choosing
the films, videos and video games you or
your family watch or play

Film, videos, DVDs and video games continue to enjoy tremendous popularity, but it's sometimes hard to tell which products are best suited to your entertainment needs. We're here to help.

The Manitoba Film Classification Board (MFCB) provides information about film, video/DVDs and video games available in Manitoba, for public or home use, to help people make informed viewing choices. All movies, rented, sold or shown in Manitoba, are rated by the MFCB. Computer and video games, rated by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), are also regulated by the MFCB.

The board includes at least 16 members representing a cross-section of the community.

The board does not censor or judge any product, so video distributors and retailers should not consider a board classification as legal approval of a film, video/DVD or video game.