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May 25, 2006


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Winners of 2006 Attorney General Safer Communities and Excellence in Law Enforcement Award Congratulated

Significant and dedicated community activism, advocacy and leadership will be recognized with an award named after a man who has personified those traits in Winnipeg’s West End.

The Rev. Harry Lehotsky Award for Community Activism will officially be created this evening at the presentation of the Attorney General Safer Communities Awards. The awards recognize individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to crime prevention in Manitoba. Police officers who have distinguished themselves in the performance of their duties and in their communities will be presented with Excellence in Law Enforcement Awards.

“I extend my congratulations to all and consider it my honour to acknowledge and thank everyone who was nominated this year,” said Attorney General Gord Mackintosh. “Each of us can play a significant role in preventing crime and tonight’s honourees have certainly done their part. Next year, they will be joined by the first recipient of the Rev. Harry Lehotsky Award for Community Activism.”

Nominees for the new award will be individuals whose consistent and sustained activism over time has resulted in practical and tangible community improvements. They will live in the area they serve and their efforts must not be solely sustained by government funding. The award is valued at $2,000, to be donated to a registered safety-related charity of the recipient’s choosing.

The Attorney General Safer Communities Awards celebrate the extraordinary efforts of groups and individuals in making Manitoba a safer place. Safer Communities Awards are made in several categories that may have both a rural and an urban recipient. More than one award may be given out in any category.

The 2006 recipients are:

- Rural: START Program (Selkirk Team for At-Risk Teens)

- Urban: Ndinawe Outreach Team

- Honourable mentions: Brandon Community Drug and Alcohol Education Coalition and the CHOICES Youth Program in Winnipeg

- Group: Thompson COPP

- Individual: Tim Maluk, Sandy Lake

This year, Excellence in Law Enforcement Awards will be presented to:

RCMP auxiliary constables receiving recognition are:

The Government of Canada’s National Crime Prevention Strategy Award will be presented to the North End Women’s Centre for Peace Begins at Home.

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The Rev. Harry Lehotsky Award

Named in honour of Reverend Harry Lehotsky, the award recognizes an individual’s efforts to strengthen the community through efforts that directly or indirectly contribute to public safety. Recipients will be nominated by the community.

A nominee’s activities must lead to positive outcomes for public safety at either the neighbourhood or larger community level. The nominee must:

A nominee may pursue activism through either volunteerism or a paid position. Nominees may come from any community or neighbourhood in Manitoba. Recipients will be selected by committee and the province will make a donation to the registered safety-related charity of their choice.

2006 Attorney General Safer Communities Awards

Excellence in Law Enforcement Award Recipient Background

National Crime Prevention Strategy Award