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Climate Change Action - Priority for Manitobans

Manitoba has been recognized as a world leader in taking action on climate change and preparing for a greener future.

Manitoba's northern geography and location in the centre of the continent means that we are among the first to begin experiencing the many and varied effects of climate change. The Government of Manitoba and Manitoba citizens acknowledged this early on and began taking action.

By realizing that challenges also present opportunities to innovate, we are well positioned to take advantage of our province's unique environmental advantages while ensuring a sustainable future for ourselves, our children and generations to come.

This site provides information about Manitoba's climate leadership and opportunities. We invite you to explore, learn more, and discover what you can do.

Manitoba's Top Climate Actions

checkbox Manitoba is recognized as a national leader in energy efficiency. Manitoba communities and citizens are saving money through Manitoba Hydro’s energy efficiency Power Smart program. Green buildings are revitalizing our capital city of Winnipeg with the new downtown Hydro building set to be amongst the most efficient in the world. All new buildings receiving public money will be required to meet LEED building standards and new energy requirements for commercial buildings will follow. In addition, a dedicated fund is supporting energy efficiency and related employment and training for low income and First Nations communities.
checkbox Manitoba has become a leader in North America on ground source heat pump (geothermal) installations providing the lowest cost heating and cooling systems on the continent to thousands of Manitoba homes and businesses.
checkbox Manitoba's biofuels mandate and tax incentives are resulting in a growth from 10 million to 130 million litres of ethanol production as well as new community based biodiesel plants.
checkbox In a Province where there were no wind monitoring stations just ten years ago, today 258 megawatts of wind power are being produced from 2 large wind farms in southwest Manitoba.
checkbox Cities are adopting made in Manitoba bio-diesel and hybrid buses for their transit fleets and Manitoba is reducing transportation emissions through low emitting vehicle incentives, new technologies such as plug-in hybrid cars and greater investments in public transportation and biking and walking trails. We are also host to the Hydrogen Centre of Expertise.
checkbox Agricultural producers are adopting technologies and processes to protect our environment. Manitoba has introduced nutrient limits on fertilizer applications and is bringing in new support programs for sustainable on-farm practices aimed at protecting both our water and our climate.
checkbox Manitoba has brought in measures to protect the boreal forest and water quality.
checkbox In adopting the Climate Change and Emissions Reduction Act, Manitoba became the first jurisdiction in North America to pass legislation committing the province to meeting Kyoto targets. This legislation was backed by Kyoto and Beyond which included over 60 different actions. A new action plan is targeted for 2015.
checkbox In Manitoba, over 98% of electrical generation is hydro and wind generated. As a result, utility electricity that is produced in Manitoba results in very minimal GHG emissions.

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