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Sustainable Development
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Droplet of water at tip of leaf sunflowers in a field

To learn more about Climate Change in Manitoba, click either document.

Droplet of water at tip of leaf

Are you interested in helping conserve plant and animal species in Manitoba?

Don't Move a Mussel Image

For more information, click here.

View of River and Forest

The Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Fund promotes and funds projects that conserve and enhance Manitoba's wildlife populations and recreational fisheries. To learn more,click here.

Eco-Certification Log

For more information on Eco Certification click here.

Pesticide Exposure Reduction

Manitoba intends to  regulate the sale and use of synthetic chemical pesticides especially to protect children, pregnant women and pets from unnecessary exposure. An amendment to The Environment Act to reduce pesticide exposure was introduced on April 22, 2014.

Read more here.

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