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Strategic Policy & Coordination

Manitoba Round Table for Sustainable Development


Who we are

The Manitoba Round Table for Sustainable Development is an advisory body to the provincial government that provides advice and support to decision makers toward making responsible resource, land use, environment, social and economic development decisions for the province. The Manitoba Round Table is an integral component of the province’s sustainable development strategy.

Members of the Manitoba Round Table are appointed by the Minister of Conservation through Order-in-Council. They represent a broad range of experience and technical expertise, as well as regions and sectors of the province to assist government in making informed decisions on implementing sustainable strategies in communities and regions across the province. To reflect government’s commitment to sustainable development and to emphasize the cross-departmental responsibilities associated with its implementation, a number of cabinet ministers serve as members of the Manitoba Round Table.

What we do

The Manitoba Round Table for Sustainable Development was established in law upon proclamation of The Sustainable Development Act on July 1, 1998 to promote sustainable development in Manitoba and provide advice and recommendations to government in accordance with The Sustainable Development Act.

Duties of the Manitoba Round Table include:

  • creating awareness and understanding of sustainable development by the citizens of Manitoba;
  • cooperating with public sector organizations, private industry, non-government organizations and citizens to share knowledge and experience;
  • reviewing the Principles and Guidelines of Sustainable Development;
  • advising on the development of, and reviewing the Sustainable Development Strategy;
  • advising on the development and review of Sustainability Indicators;
  • at the request of the minister, reviewing existing or proposed policy, legislation, regulations or programs for consistency with the principles and guidelines, and reporting to the minister with recommendations for his or her considerations;
  • establish mechanisms for monitoring and evaluating implementation of sustainable development strategies and activities; and
  • any other task or activity related to sustainable development, at the request of the minister.

How we work

Under The Sustainable Development Act, the Manitoba Round Table has a number of powers. The Manitoba Round Table may:

  • make its own rules of procedure, including procedures of committees;
  • identify, promote and encourage projects and activities that exemplify sustainable development practices;
  • initiate, sponsor and support seminars, workshops, and conferences related to sustainable development;
  • conduct studies and investigations, and advise and make recommendations to the minister, on matters related to sustainable development, other than matters involving the gathering of evidence to determine whether or not specific persons or bodies are complying with the provisions of the Act and the regulations;
  • publish reports and other materials; and
  • do all things necessary to the effective carrying out of its duties under the Act.

Decision-making is by consensus. This is interpreted to mean no significant dissent; all participants support the resolution of the package of issues with possible concerns in certain areas.

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