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Manitoba Hunting Guide

Manitoba Conservation Data Centre

Big Game Hunting

Black Bear


Note: All fees listed below include the federal goods and services tax (GST).

Resident $36.25
Non-resident $118.75
Foreign resident $232.75

NOTE: The black bear licence is valid in both spring and fall seasons. Only one black bear may be harvested per year.

It is illegal to purchase more than one bear licence in the same hunting year.

Bear Hunting

  • It is illegal to kill a cub (approximately 20.5 kg or 45 lbs.) or a female bear with cubs.
  • Hunting black bears within 100 metres of any man-made clearing surrounding any garbage dump is prohibited. However, in a provincial park, black bears may not be hunted within 300 metres of a garbage dump.
  • Baits must be clearly identified with the name and address of the hunter, guide or outfitter.
  • Baits may not be placed within:
    • 200 metres of a road or dwelling,
    • 500 metres of a cottage subdivision or a Crown land picnic site or campground, or
    • 100 metres of Riding Mountain National Park.
  • Baits on Crown land may not exceed 100 kilograms of meat and/or fish.
  • Baits must not contain the head, hooves, hide, mammary glands or internal organs of livestock.
  • In GHAs 23 and 23A:
    • baits may not be placed until 14 days prior to the spring season and 14 days prior to the fall season
    • baiting equipment on Crown land must be removed from the bait site within 5 days after the closure of both spring and fall seasons
  • If you harvest a big game animal wearing an ear tag that contains phone number 1-204-945-7771, this animal was chemically immobilized in the past using veterinary drugs. Health Canada has established recommended guidelines for the consumption of meat from the immobilized animals. Please call the number identified on the ear tag for specific details on the recommended consumption of meat from your animal.

NOTE: It is illegal to possess bear gall bladders in Manitoba.

Foreign Resident

  • Foreign resident black bear hunters must book their hunt through a licensed lodge or outfitter authorized to outfit foreign resident black bear hunters.
  • Foreign resident black bear hunters must be accompanied by a licensed Manitoba guide. No more than three hunters may use the services of a guide at the same time.
  • Foreign resident bear hunters must only use the services of the outfitter specified on their hunting licence.
  • Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) export permits are required before transporting a black bear out of Canada. A CITES export permit is not required if the hunter is personally transporting his/her fresh, frozen or salted black bear hide, the black bear hide with paws and claws attached, the skull or the meat of a black bear into the United States. Black bear paws and claws that are detached from the hide must be accompanied by a CITES permit.