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Manitoba Hunting Guide

2012 Manitoba Hunting Guide

Big Game Hunting

Manitoba offers exciting opportunities for hunting a variety of big game animals close to home and in distant locales. Seasons include black bear, gray wolf, coyote, moose, white-tailed deer, caribou and, for residents of Manitoba only, elk. Elk and moose licences in some areas, are available only for Manitoba residents through a special draw held every spring.

Moose, caribou and elk hunting seasons are based on a Game Hunting Area (GHA) system. Licences are only valid in the GHA or GHAs specified for that season. Black bear, gray wolf and white-tailed deer seasons are based on a grouping of GHAs as zones. Licences are valid in all zones, but season dates vary by zone.

Hunting supports our wildlife conservation programs through the revenue from licence sales. It also provides substantial economic benefits to Manitoba's rural economy. Regulated hunting provides recreational opportunities and helps manage some wildlife populations to prevent damage to agricultural crops and private property.

Experience big game hunting in Manitoba!

Hunters should consult the Big Game Draw applications on a yearly basis, as some non-draw seasons may be added to the big game draw.