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Manitoba Hunting Guide

 2012 Manitoba Hunting Guide

Big Game Hunting



Note: All fees listed below include the federal goods and services
tax (GST).

Resident (archery, general) $57.25
Resident Conservation Moose Licence Package $88.25
Non-resident $314.75
Foreign resident $375.75
Big Game Draw licence application fee $7.00

It is illegal to purchase more than one moose licence in the same hunting year. Licence exchanges are not allowed for unsuccessful hunters. A GHA 23 or 23A Draw Elk or Landowner Elk licence with a one elk or moose bag limit is not considered a moose licence.

Resident Conservation Moose Licence and Conservation Moose Licence Seasons

Moose hunters may voluntarily participate in a conservation initiative by purchasing a Conservation Moose Licence instead of a General (rifle) Moose Licence for use in the General (rifle) non-draw Moose Season. The Conservation Moose Licence is the only licence that can be utilized in the non-draw Moose Conservation Licence Seasons. The Conservation Moose Licence Package consists of two licences and one tag allowing for a shared harvest of one moose. When the tag is filled, the hunters can form a party with holders of a Conservation Moose Licence, up to a maximum of four. Conservation Moose Licences are available at some vendor locations and all Manitoba Sustainable Development district offices. Both hunters should appear in person to purchase a Conservation Moose Licence. If both hunters cannot be present, the purchase can still be made at any vendor that sells the Conservation Moose Licence. Proof that the absent hunter qualifies for the licence must be presented at the time of purchase see Licence Requirements.

In GHAs that are listed as a Conversation Moose Licence Season, the only licence that is valid in that area is a Conservation Moose Licence. A General (rifle) Moose licence cannot be used to hunt in these GHAs.


Foreign Resident

  • Foreign resident moose hunters must book their hunt through a licensed lodge or outfitter, authorized to outfit foreign resident moose hunters.
  • Foreign resident moose hunters must be accompanied by a licensed Manitoba guide. No more than three hunters may use the services of a guide at the same time.
  • Foreign resident moose hunters must only use the services of the outfitter specified on their hunting licence.


  • "Bull" means a moose with antlers more than 10 cm (4 in.) in length.
  • "Calf" means a moose that is less than one year old.

Additional Information

Parts of GHAs 2A, 4 and 7A are closed to moose hunting.

Hunters should consult the Big Game Draw applications on a yearly basis, as some non-draw seasons may be added to the Big Game Draw.