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Manitoba Hunting Guide

2016 Spring Supplement Hunting Guide

This guide is a summary of the 2016 spring hunting seasons, bag limits and licence fees. It is neither a legal document nor a complete collection of the wildlife regulations. It is meant to be a convenient reference only. Please refer to the 2015 Manitoba Hunting Guide for regulatory information. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, some errors or omissions may have occurred. For additional information consult the nearest Conservation and Water Stewardship Office or call (204)945-6784 in Winnipeg or toll free 1(800)214-6497.

Personal information pertaining to licensing and hunter success is collected under the authority of The Wildlife Act, and is used only for surveys and enforcement purposes by Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship.

Information collected is protected by the Protection of Privacy provisions of The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. If you have questions regarding the protection of personal information, contact the Access and Privacy Coordinator in Winnipeg at (204)945-4170.

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