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Moose Fact Sheet

Provincial Range MapMoose are found throughout the province of Manitoba ranging south from the U.S border, north to the Nunavut Territory. Until recently, there has been only occasional reports of moose in the prairie region of southern Manitoba, but populations have now become established in the Pembina and Souris River Valleys. They are also found in Spruce Woods Provincial Forest and Turtle Mountain Provincial Park in southwestern Manitoba from where they were absent until as late as the early 1970's.

The moose population in Manitoba has increased from an estimated 28,000 in 1992 to about 32,000 currently. The demand for consumptive use of moose continues to exceed supply in the more accessible areas. Renewed cooperative management programs are required to encourage continued growth in moose populations. First Nations moose harvest was estimated at double the annual licenced harvest of 1,500 animals. Equitable distribution of sustainable harvest, providing opportunity for all stakeholders, will require constructive consultation.

As additional forestry and recreational development occurs east of Lake Winnipeg and north and east of The Pas, more intensive management will be required to ensure that the moose population can be maintained.


North American Range Map