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Wildlife Branch

Manitoba Trapping Guide

2013-2014 Trapping Guide (PDF)

Changes for 2013-2014

Certified Humane Trap Requirements

In Manitoba, only certified humane traps can be used for beaver, fisher, marten, muskrat and raccoon. Any restraining traps used for lynx must be certified. See complete list of all certified traps. Additional trap models may be certified throughout the season.

Please contact Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship or the Fur Institute of Canada for updates to the certified trap listings.

Restrictions in Provincial Parks

A review of trapping activities in provincial parks and other Crown lands with high use was initiated in December 2012. During the review, interim restrictions on trapping were imposed in provincial parks during the trapping season, and will again be in place for the 2013/2014 season. A final decision will be announced for the 2014/15 trapping season.

Please contact the nearest Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship district office to determine the restrictions in the various provincial parks.

Trapping Not Permitted

Dress Requirements for Hunter Orange

Changes to the "General Hunting Regulations" has eased some requirements for trappers to wear hunter orange.

Muskrat Season
  • Open Area Zones 1-4: October 14 to November 30 and March 15 to April 30
  • Southern Special Trapping Districts, Grants Lake and Oak Hammock WMAs: October 14 to November 30 and March 15 to April 30
  • Allow the use of submarine (colony) traps