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Principles & Policies for Managing Human Resources

2.4.4.  Letter of Offer


A written offer of appointment to a successful candidate should state the terms and conditions of employment.


To provide the successful candidate with a formal offer of appointment including all terms and conditions related to that offer.


A letter of offer is generally prepared by Human Resources and covers the following subjects:

  • key position descriptors (title, classification, type of appointment and level)
  • if applicable, competition number
  • effective date of appointment
  • salary on appointment within the pay range, stating the maximum of the range, as well as the pro-rated salary for part-time employees
  • key job specific information (location, work schedule, supervisor contact information)
  • duration of the probationary period
  • start and end dates for term appointments
  • if applicable, conditions for payment of relocation expenses or remoteness allowance
  • anniversary date
  • any other conditions of employment (ex: proof of licensure, completion of a training course, completion of a security check or maintaining a standard of medical fitness) with specific timeframes and dates if appropriate. Conditions of employment should have been discussed and understood during the assessment process.
  • if applicable, the position's designation for French language service
  • a confirmation section to be completed by the employee in order to accept the offer
  • a copy of the Conflict of Interest Policy and requirement for new employees to sign a Conflict of Interest declaration
  • direct deposit form

A letter of offer may also provide the following information:

  • a copy of the position description attached
  • the name of the collective agreement which applies and the fact that union dues will be deducted from salary
  • requirements for new employees to take oaths
  • employer's work environment policies (smoke-free, respectful workplace, etc)
  • that a competition may be subject to a selection grievance
  • benefit implications for part-time employees
  • conditions for eligibility for promotion
  • orientation information (ex: benefits information, New Professionals Network information)
  • welcome letter from the Deputy Minister

Letters of offer must be signed by a delegated staffing authority.

After the letter of offer has been signed, accepted and confirmed, an applicant not successful letter (ANS) should be sent to remaining candidates who participated in the assessment process.


  • Civil Service Commission
    • Monitor application of the policy through the staffing audit process.
  • Human Resource Practitioners
    • Ensure application of the policy in the staffing process.


The Civil Service Act, Section 14(3), 15, 16, 17(1)
Civil Service Commission Minute CSC 14-09/10-15


Civil Service Commission

Additional information:

Civil Service Commission
Phone: 204-945-2332
TDD/TTY: 204-945-1437
Email: csc@gov.mb.ca


Policy Effective January 1, 2010


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