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Principles & Policies for Managing Human Resources

4.2.  Pay Plan Amendments


Rates of pay are negotiated or established for an effective period of time and may be amended during that period subject to certain conditions.

Questions And Answers

  1. How are rates of pay established?
  2. How are rates of pay amended?

Questions And Answers

1.  How are rates of pay established?

Pay Plans for employees of the Province of Manitoba are established in the following ways:

  • Pay rates for bargaining unit employees, are negotiated through collective bargaining between the Province of Manitoba and the recognized bargaining agent. Component pay plans under the Government Employees’ Master Agreement are negotiated with the Manitoba Government and General Employees’ Union. Similarly, pay rates for professional employees including government employed doctors, crown attorneys, legal aid lawyers and professional engineers are negotiated with the Manitoba Medical Association, the Manitoba Association of Crown Attorneys, the Legal Aid Lawyers’ Association, and the Professional Institute of The Public Service Of Canada respectively. The pay plans associated with each collective agreement ultimately must be approved by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.
  • Pay rates for excluded employees, are established by Treasury Board and ultimately must be approved by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.

2. How are pay plans amended?

Pay plans may be amended as the result of the introduction of a new classification or where it is necessary to effect an upward adjustment to a pay range for the purpose of recruitment or retention.

  • For bargaining unit employees, covered by a collective agreement, amendments may be made to the pay plan during the term of the collective agreement in accordance with terms of the applicable collective agreement.
  • For excluded employees, not covered by a collective agreement section 10 of The Civil Service Act authorizes The Lieutenant Governor in Council to make regulations to establish and amend the pay plan as may be required.

Comment Box

Bargaining unit employees Bargaining unit employees are employees to whom the terms and conditions of a collective agreement apply. Conditions of employment for bargaining unit employees are as set out in the applicable collective agreement.
Excluded employees Excluded employees are employees who are excluded from the terms and conditions of a collective agreement. Conditions of employment for excluded employees are as set out in the Civil Service Act Regulation.


Effective date  June 9, 2006

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