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Principles & Policies for Managing Human Resources

2.1.5   Selection Board


Selection boards should be constructed so as to conduct a fair, complete and competent assessment of the candidates.


There should be a minimum of three persons on a selection board, with two being acceptable in exceptional circumstances. For delegated staffing actions, the selection board typically includes a Human Resource Practitioner and the manager and/or supervisor of the position being filled.
The selection board may also include the following persons:

  • An individual with a particular technical or professional expertise relevant to the position.
  • A representative of the client group served by the position.
  • A representative of one or more of the Employment Equity designated groups.
  • A qualified bilingual person able to assess the language proficiency of candidates if it is a bilingual position or if language is being assessed to ensure that the candidate has the required proficiency to provide “comparable service.”


All Selection Board Members

  • Uphold the staffing principles of merit, fairness and equity.
  • Have the knowledge to conduct a competent assessment.
  • Conduct an objective assessment. Accordingly board members should not be closely related to any candidate or have any other connection that would hinder their ability to assess in an impartial manner.
  • Maintain and respect confidentiality of any information received or acquired in connection with the duties as a selection board member.
  • Conduct the selection process in a respectful manner in keeping with The Respectful Workplace & Harassment Prevention Policy.
  • Document accurate and detailed interview/assessment notes.
  • Provide information to candidates about the organization, the position and working conditions.

Selection Board Chair/Human Resource Practitioner

Human resource practitioners typically chair the selection board. In some situations a manager may chair the selection board. For a non-delegated staffing action, the selection board is chaired by senior staff of the Civil Service Commission.

  • Ensure compliance with relevant legislation, policies and collective agreements.
  • Assist and provide advice and guidance to managers as it relates to the opportunity analysis, developing an appropriate recruitment strategy, and the competition process.
  • Assist and provide advice and guidance to managers as it relates to the development of the selection and screening criteria, and the assessment tools.
  • Ensure the selection board is well balanced, has the knowledge to conduct a competent assessment, is impartial, and conducts an objective assessment.
  • Where applicable, ensure that at least one qualified bilingual person is able to assess the language proficiency of candidates according to the method chosen.
  • Provide information to the selection board about their responsibility as it relates to the competitive process.
  • Ensure the validity of assessment methods and related materials.
  • Coordinate any reasonable accommodations for applicants throughout the assessment process, where appropriate.
  • Provide information to candidates about the selection process, employment in the civil service, benefits and repayment of interview/relocation expenses where applicable.
  • Ensure that Employment Equity, Veterans’ Preference and seniority are factored and applied appropriately, and that the rating and ranking process is reviewed to ensure accuracy.
  • Make the verbal offer of employment and draft the letter of offer. If the selection board chair does not have delegated staffing authority, the delegated staffing authority must review the results of the competition prior to a verbal offer being made and a letter of offer is issued.
  • Provide Applicant Not Successful (ANS) letter(s) for all candidates who were unsuccessful during the assessment process.
  • Offer candidates the opportunity to contact the Selection Board Chair for post-assessment feedback.
  • Convey and document reasons for non-selection to candidates who request this information.
  • Ensure all required documentation has been completed and is present in the competition file.

Delegated Staffing Authority

  • Approves the staffing method and competition type.
  • Review and authorize at various checkpoints throughout the staffing process.
  • Delegated Staffing Authority signature/authorization is required on the following documents:
    • Job opportunity advertisement information
    • Rating and Ranking Form
    • Letter of Offer
    • Appointment Form
    • Selection Board Summary Report
    • Staffing File Document Checklist

Hiring Managers

  • Represent the department’s interests.
  • Obtain authority to staff and recommend competition type.
  • Assess the needs of the organization, define the duties and responsibilities to be assigned to the position and the qualifications required to perform the work. Update the position description accordingly.
  • Assist in the development of assessment methods.

Civil Service Commission

  • Monitor application of the policy through the staffing audit process.
  • Answer questions concerning the interpretation, application and administration of the policy.


The Civil Service Act, 5, 12-14, 21, 41
The Manitoba Human Rights Code 12
The Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act
The Personal Investigations Act
Civil Service Commission Minute CSC 8-14/15-12
Civil Service Commission Minute CSC 14-09/10-8


Civil Service Commission

Additional information:

Civil Service Commission
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Effective date: June 9, 2014
Revised date: October 7, 2015

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