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Principles & Policies for Managing Human Resources

5.2.  Authorizing Sick Leave


Employee and Family Assistance Program may authorize sick leave for employees participating in the E.F.A.P. program.

Questions And Answers

  1. How is sick leave authorized?
  2. When can E.F.A.P. authorize sick leave?

Questions And Answers

1.  How is sick leave authorized?

Employee sick leave is authorized by E.F.A.P. or by the employee's supervisor upon certification by a medical practitioner under the Health Services Insurance Act who states the period of absence on a sick slip. See also GEMA 28:14-15.

2. When can E.F.A.P. authorize sick leave?

E.F.A.P. may authorize sick leave if the client employee is referred to treatment by E.F.A.P. Before authorizing sick leave in these situations, E.F.A.P. consults with Human Resources and the manager to determine if the employee has sick leave benefits available. E.F.A.P. authorizes sick leave with pay when sick leave benefits are available, or sick leave without pay when no sick leave benefits are available.

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Medical practitioner under the Health Services Insurance Act Medical practitioner means a person lawfully entitled to practice medicine in the place where he/she renders medical services.


  • Joint Committee, June 2, 1997
  • CSC Executive Management Committee
  • Civil Service Commission Board, CSC Minute #15-97/98-18

Effective date   March 11, 1998

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