Children and Youth Opportunities

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Manitoba's Strategy to Keep Kids Out of Crime

Investing in Mental Health Promotion and Addictions Treatment

Mental health promotion and mental illness prevention are an important part of keeping our communities healthy, which is why the Manitoba government is making investments where they can have the most effect.

  • Manitoba's mental health strategy, Rising to the Challenge, promotes good mental health and strengthens the systems that provide support and services to those with mental-health problems.
  • The Manitoba government has more than doubled support for community-based mental health organizations over the last ten years, recognizing the importance of non-institutional, community-based mental health services.
  • Other advancements and investments, include:
    • Building Canada's first stand – alone mental health crisis response centre, which will open early in 2013.
    • Establishing an innovative new mental health court to help provide supports for individuals whose mental health issues are causing them to be involved with crime.
    • Enacting workplace safety and health regulations to protect workers' psychological and physical well-being by addressing forms of harassment.
    • Appointing an accessibility advisory council to address workplace barriers, including those that impact mental health.
  • The Manitoba government has more than doubled funding for addictions services across the province over the past ten years.
  • In the past two years, new residential beds throughout the province have been added, supporting 200 additional Manitobans every year.
  • Problematic substance use prevention activities are available for schools, community groups and workplaces through The Addictions Foundation of Manitoba.
  • Last year, over 40,000 Manitoban's participated in prevention activities.
  • A prevention and early intervention program using an Indigenous Wisdom approach is currently being piloted in 22 communities.
  • More youth outreach workers to prevent further involvement with substances.
  • Operating a drug treatment court to help support individuals whose substance use are causing them to become involved in crime

For more programs and services for Manitobans affected by mental illness and addictions, please see the complete program list.

The Manitoba government will continue to invest in the areas of mental health promotion and addiction prevention and treatment to support Manitoba families and keep our communities strong.

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