Children and Youth Opportunities

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Manitoba's Strategy to Keep Kids Out of Crime

Program List

+ 1. Strengthening Early Years and Schools

  • Healthy Baby
    • Healthy Baby offers the Manitoba Prenatal Benefit and Community Support Programs. The prenatal benefit helps women meet their extra nutritional needs during pregnancy and refers women to health and other community resources. Community Support Programs connect pregnant women and new parents with other parents, families and health professionals.
  • Families First
    • Families First is a province-wide, home visitation program offering information and support to expectant parents and those with children from birth to Kindergarten.
  • Triple P – Positive Parenting Program
    • Triple P is a proven, practical approach to raising children that emphasizes the positive.
  • Parent Child Coalitions
    • Parent Child Coalitions, now in 26 communities, bring together area resources to meet the specific needs of community families.
  • Early Development Instrument (EDI)
    • The EDI is a questionnaire, completed by teachers, about all Kindergarten children in Manitoba that tells us how well communities are preparing Manitoba children for school. Communities use the EDI results to plan programs and services to meet the needs of children.
  • Roots of Empathy
    • Roots of Empathy is a classroom-based program for students from Kindergarten to Grade 8. It focusses on developing caring and compassionate citizens and parents by having students interact with a mother and baby from the community to gain a better appreciation for the needs of others.
  • Seeds of Empathy
    • Offered in child care centres, nursery schools and Aboriginal Head Start programs, Seeds of Empathy (SOE) is a program that reduces physical aggression and bullying by fostering preschool children's empathy and emotional literacy.
  • Turnabout
    • Turnabout is a province-wide prevention program that provides children under 12 and their families with the support and referral services they need to avoid conflict with the law.
  • PAX Good Behaviour Game
    • Piloted in Manitoba schools, the PAX Good Behaviour Game is a set of proven strategies that help children develop social, emotional and self-discipline skills. The game helps kids develop skills crucial for lifelong learning and physical and emotional health, while also steering them away from drugs and crime.
  • Abecedarian Approach to Early Childhood Education
    • The Abecedarian Approach is a proven model of early learning and child care that promotes learning through literacy and language development. It has shown positive academic and social results for children who begin life at-risk due to social or biological factors. The Abecedarian approach has already been incorporated into the program of the Manidoo Gi Minni Gonaan enriched early childhood development centre at Lord Selkirk Park.
  • Bright Futures
    • Bright Futures offers programming in Winnipeg, Brandon, The Pas, Skownan First Nation and their surrounding communities. It promotes high school and post-secondary graduation through mentoring, tutoring, career exploration and social and financial supports.
  • Mentoring Programs
    • Mentoring programs help promote healthy lifestyle choices and self-esteem by helping young people build positive attachments to a trusted person.

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+ 2. Creating Youth Opportunities

  • Youth Employment Programs
    • Youth Employment for Newcomers (YEN), delivered by Newcomer Education and Employment Development Services (NEEDS Inc.), helps Winnipeg-based, at-risk immigrant youth in Winnipeg find work by developing job skills, training, mentorship and work experience placements.
    • Black Youth Internship Program, delivered by the Black Educators' Association of Manitoba (BEAM), works with schools in Winnipeg and Brandon to provide up to 35 youth of African-Caribbean origin with mentorship, career guidance and internships with government, financial and business sectors.
  • STEP Services
    • Each year, this program connects more than 1400 high-school and post-secondary students to job opportunities with provincial government departments, agencies and Crown corporations.
  • Youth NOW and Partners With Youth
    • These programs work with organizations to deliver projects that will improve participants' general employability, prepare them for further training and job search that will help get jobs.
  • Youth Build
    • Operating in Winnipeg, Portage la Prairie and Thompson, this program invites participants to spend about 30 hours per week developing construction skills and getting work experience.
  • Manitoba Youth Job Centres and Odd Job Squads
    • These programs match local summer jobs to youth, help youth develop job search skills and promote work experience.
  • Green Team
    • The Green Team programs create summer jobs for youth aged 15-29 years. Participating employers provide community development opportunities that improve neighbourhoods, promote community involvement and help develop young leaders.
  • Northern Aboriginal Youth Internship Program
    • This program provides students in communities north of the 53rd parallel with career awareness information, internships and job opportunities.
  • Manitoba Mentors
    • Manitoba Mentors connects high school students with mentors from local businesses, labour and non-profit organizations to support student career development.
  • Careers in the Arts Mentorship Program
    • This program provides opportunities for youth (ages 16-24) to be mentored by representatives of arts-related careers through individual meetings with mentors, volunteer work experience and participation in career development workshops.
  • Lighthouses
    • Lighthouses is a youth crime prevention program that provides funding and support to agencies, organizations, schools and community groups to deliver after school programming at 71 sites throughout Manitoba. Lighthouses provide opportunities for recreation, art programs and homework clubs.
  • Ototema
    • Ototema is a young offender mentoring program, delivered by Big Brothers Big Sisters Winnipeg. Mentors provide youth with the support needed to make healthy choices about family, school, employment, substance abuse and other activities to reduce the potential for repeat offences.

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+ 3. Supporting Recreation and Healthy Communities

  • Recreation Opportunities for Children (ROC)
    • ROC provides recreation opportunities for children of low-income families. ROC refers children to a variety of activities based on the children's interests, needs of their families and availability of programming in their community.
  • Sport Opportunities Program *One-Time Program for 2012/13 Only
    • The Sport Opportunities Program provides one-time grants of up to $10,000 for sport and recreation organizations to invest in sport and recreation infrastructure to support local sports programs for children and youth.
  • Enhanced Youth Recreation Programs
    • Enhanced Youth Recreation Programs for the Inner City supports the City of Winnipeg in its efforts to improve the quality, diversity and accessibility of recreation for children and youth in the inner-city.
  • The Community Youth Recreation (CYR) fund provides annually to organizations that improve the availability, quality and accessibility of recreation programs for the children and youth of Thompson, Flin Flon, The Pas, Dauphin, Brandon, Selkirk and Portage la Prairie.
  • Recreation Opportunities Program pdf - Partners in Leisure (ROP)
    • ROP encourages municipal governments and school divisions to work together to provide a wide range of community recreation opportunities.
  • Regional Recreation Consulting
    • The Manitoba government offers staff expertise to help communities provide recreation program and activity options.
  • Lighthouses
    • Lighthouses is a youth crime prevention program that provides funding and support to agencies, schools and community groups to deliver after-school programming at 71 sites throughout Manitoba.
  • Communities That Care (CTC)
    • CTC is a community-wide initiative to promote positive, healthy development of children and youth by providing opportunities, skill development and encouragement.

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+ 4. Investing in Mental Health Promotion and Addictions Treatment

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+ 5. Safer Streets: More Beat Cops, Better Correctional Facilities and Tougher Laws
  • Training Resources for Youth (TRY)
    • This Winnipeg-based program helps significantly disadvantaged youths develop the habits and skills needed to succeed in school and work.
  • Work2It
    • Operating in Winnipeg and The Pas, Work2It provides high-risk youth who are facing multiple challenges, with the opportunity to gain life skills, training and employment. Youth are provided with training, a job coach/mentor and support.
  • Help Eliminate Auto Theft (H.E.A.T.).
    • HEAT is a co-ordinated strategy to eliminate vehicle theft by working with young offenders to prevent further crimes.
  • Selkirk Team for At-Risk Teens (S.T.A.R.T.)
    • This program supports Selkirk community and family resources helping at-risk youth return to school and/or find jobs.
  • Dauphin Teens (D.A.R.T.)
    • This program supports Dauphin community and family resources helping at-risk youth return to school and/or find jobs.
  • Southwest Teens At-Risk (S.T.A.R.)
    • This program supports Stonewall community and family resources helping at-risk youth return to school and/or find jobs.
  • Youth At-Risk North (Y.A.R.N.)
    • This program supports northern Manitoba community and family resources helping at-risk youth return to school and/or find jobs.
  • Spotlight Program
    • Spotlight is a specialized youth probation unit that helps youth street gang members avoid a criminal lifestyle.
  • Provincial Special Needs Program (PSNP)
    • This program provides services to individuals with mental disorders or disabilities who pose a high risk to harm others, but are not eligible for existing programs such as community mental health services or Community Disability Services.
  • Winnipeg Auto Theft Suppression Strategy (WATSS)
    • WATSS is a program involving several government department and agencies working together to eliminate vehicle theft.
  • Mental Health Court
    • Winnipeg's Mental Health Court is an alternative to mainstream criminal court for adults charged with criminal offices, who have severe, pervasive mental illnesses.
  • Winnipeg Drug Treatment Court (WDTC)
    • Winnipeg's Drug Treatment Court therapeutic court is staffed by a judge and case-management team who plan and supervise a treatment program for defendants that address the reasons underlying the defendants' criminal behaviour.

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