Children and Youth Opportunities

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Manitoba's Strategy to Keep Kids Out of Crime

Safer Streets: More Beat Cops, Better Correctional Facilities and Tougher Laws

Community safety is a priority for all Manitobans. The Manitoba government has helped put more police on the streets, improved and expanded corrections facilities, including better programming' and pushed for stronger penalties for serious crimes.

Major investments in policing include:

  • 274 new police officers

  • 100 new police officers will be hired, including 50 beat cops on the streets.

  • 60 police cadets, funded in partnership with the City of Winnipeg this year

Manitoba has built new and improved correctional facilities in the past decade with:

  • over 700 new correctional facilities beds to date with 289 additional beds to come, and 51 additional probation officers and expanded programming in corrections facilities.

Innovations in crime fighting:

The Auto Theft Suppression Strategy has reduced auto theft to its lowest point since 1992 and is down nearly 80 per cent since 2004. Winnipeg has gone from first in Canada for auto-theft to tenth.

The Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods Act makes it easier to close down properties where drug dealing and other illegal activities are happening. It has already helped to shut down more than 540 drug dens and prostitution houses.

Efforts to encourage the federal government to make laws tougher have resulted in:

  • tougher gun crimes restrictions, including making it harder for people who commit crimes with guns to get bail

  • increased sentences for smuggling firearms

  • making it an offence for using the Internet for the purposes of luring children

  • making gang-related homicides first degree murder

  • offenses for drive-by shootings and shooting at buildings

  • making auto theft a separate offence

  • strengthened child pornography laws

Ongoing efforts to work with the federal government to make laws tougher, including making gang recruitment a stand-alone crime.

The Manitoba government will continue to invest in police and corrections while asking for tougher laws for those who commit serious offences.

For more programs and services that help make streets safer, please see the complete program list.

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