Corporate Accommodation Planning

Provides leadership and strategic planning perspective related to the accommodation portfolio and public property, including accounting and administrative support functions for the Division.

Activity Identification:

Strategic Asset Management: Working with the client departments, central agencies and ASD
branches, lead strategic asset management planning in an effort to anticipate the impact of various facility investment decisions. Gathering and maintaining information for Government owned buildings.

Policy Review and Development: Work to develop a methodology and criteria as part of a policy
framework to evaluate the Province’s holdings and assist in the development and maintenance of an efficient infrastructure portfolio.

Special Initiatives: Coordinate Division participation in horizontal initiatives and intergovernmental

Secretariat for Interdepartmental Committee for Tracked Sites: The Branch continued to serve as the Secretariat for the Inter-departmental Committee for Tracked Sites, which was established to provide oversight and coordination across the provincial government.

Financial Services: Ensure accurate, timely completion of all activities related to Accounts Payable,
General Financial Services, Account Receivable Recoveries and Revenues, and Financial Reporting for the Division within the SAP environment. This includes tracking, reporting and controlling divisional budgets, capital and client-funded projects, salary costs and allocations, and operating expenditures.

Manage all financial aspects relating to the delivery of services provided by Accommodation Services Division (ASD), ensuring that financial policies and procedures are followed. Coordinate the preparation of Divisional annual estimates and monthly forecasts.

Capital Budgeting Process: Improve the process for collaboration, consistency of content by branches in ASD into the Capital Planning Process by developing a framework.

Administrative Support: Provide general secretarial and clerical support for the Division. This includes administrative support for human resource activities required by the Branches.

Performance Measurement: Foster advancements in the area of performance measurement and
continuous improvement for the division and aid in the adaptation or development of Performance
Measures along with indicators and benchmarks using the SMART system.