The Operations Branch operates and maintains safe, quality and sustainable work environments for the delivery of public programs.

Activity Identification
Currently, the Operations Branch operates and maintains Accommodation Services Division’s over 400 facilities from Emerson to Churchill. This diverse portfolio includes Tourist Centers, Community Colleges, Cemeteries, Mental Health Centres, Nursing Stations, Provincial Correctional Facilities and the Manitoba Legislature.

The Government owned building portfolio also ranges in age from over 100 years old to recently opened, and its diversity reflects the diversity of clients served. The Operations Branch works with not only client programs from every government department, but also the public and non-governmental programs as well.

District Operations: With District Project Managers in place, Operations was able to deliver on $2.0
million in Part “A” Maintenance Projects over and above both planned and unplanned preventative and corrective maintenance. As part of the Operations Branch team, the Managers improve the Districts’ flexibility and efficiency in responding to maintenance needs and their role continues to evolve as coordination with Project Services Branch is expanded.

The Districts continued to work together with Project Services and Capital Projects on large capital
programs, both for existing and new infrastructure projects. Last fiscal year saw the implementation of an integrated planning process for “B” Capital Projects across the three Branches, which will continue to increase effectiveness. Capital reinvestment planning continues to be the focus due to the prioritization of essential system replacement and ageing infrastructure, such as boilers, chillers, elevators, and life safety systems.

District Maintenance Analysts have now been added to each of the four districts and will significantly impact the ability to upgrade Master Data within SAP, which will enhance the Preventative Maintenance Program of all owned facilities.

Technical and Energy Services (TES): TES continues to work with all Districts in support of lifecycle planning, data collection and analysis of the building portfolio. Work is ongoing to update and document existing building drawings. The Environmental Liabilities (EL) and Tracked Sites initiative has evolved to a program management and monitoring role. This entails providing advice to District staff, as well as Project Services and Capital Projects Branch regarding the existing asbestos and EL inventory, and integrating remediation with maintenance and capital projects.