Project Services


Provide coordination and monitoring of accommodation projects through utilization of internal and external professional and technical services for planning, design, leasing and construction management.


Project Services Branch provides project management of both Capital and Client-funded accommodation projects by utilizing internal and external professional and technical expertise.


Trusted accommodation experts providing cost-effective innovative planning, design, project management and technical services to promote safe healthy productive physical environments.


Client Services involves overall project planning coordination related to government accommodation projects which include optimum space utilization and compliance with changing programs, policies and new initiatives, within the context of accommodation strategic planning.

Project Management coordinates all aspects of Capital and Client projects assigned to the branch to ensure timely completion. This includes design services, estimating services, which provides total project cost estimates, (cost and duration), for proposed or actual new construction and renovation proposals, and complete project coordination.

Technical Consultations provide technical expertise to all branches within the Division and to other Provincial departments on projects; provide guidance on the development of project scopes of work.

Architectural / Engineering Services involves the ongoing development of new policies and design standards for the Province of Manitoba’s building portfolio and providing design/construction documentation for selected projects.

Monitoring of Consultants involves the monitoring and approval of all outside consultant drawings and specifications to ensure compliance with related legislated policies, building codes, and established standards, participating in site inspections and the commissioning phase of a project.

Managed Environment Infrastructure Support provides long range planning, estimating, design and construction of electrical, structured cabling, and mechanical infrastructure within the Managed Environment.


  • To ensure that the Capital Plan Budget is expended in an efficient and effective manner.
  • To provide capital planning on a 1-3 year planning horizon.
  • To work collaboratively with Operations Branch in identifying cost effective solutions for ongoing maintenance and life- cycle building component replacement projects.
  • To manage client expectations in the provision of providing cost-effective timely solutions to client service requests.
  • To ensure that Branch members are technically proficient in their respective disciplines to provide a centre of architectural and engineering expertise on accommodation issues.

Key Goals and Priorities

  • To be the accommodation service provider of choice.
  • To be the recognized technical leader in government and private industry.
  • To provide cost-effective solutions to accommodation needs with the utilization of life-cycle costing to achieve long term sustainable results.

Expected Results

  • Effective design and project management of all accommodation projects.
  • Delivery of high quality projects within projected timelines and on budget.
  • Expert, professional advice on accommodation development issues.