Protective Services

The Security Branch provides security services for government departments and agencies occupying space in owned or leased buildings where the Division is the service provider.

Activity Identification
Initiatives were developed through branch wide Strategic Planning sessions, where it was determined that by April 2014, we will be recognized as the standard of excellence in security services and through enhanced training and development of our personnel, we will provide effective delivery of security services throughout the Province of Manitoba. These services include:

Security Operations

  • Providing a physical security presence within key, critical Provincial facilities including the Legislative grounds, Government House, Manitoba Archives, Justice facilities and select offices/Provincial buildings throughout the Province on a full time and ‘as, if and when’ basis when necessary.
  • Provide a safe secure environment for staff, visitors, elected officials and visiting dignitaries.
  • Demonstrated ability to provide a mobile response for the protection of people and assets by
    assembling a task force, consisting of staff members with skill sets to handle various emergency
    situations such as flood events or individuals posing a potential threat to public safety.
  • Liaise between clients and Law Enforcement authorities throughout the Province on security related issues.
  • Coordinate the Provincial Government Employee Photo Identification Card program.

Physical Security Section

  • Provide client departments with security consulting and related services. Activities include security
    awareness training, security electronics installations and monitoring, locksmith services, security
    project delivery and quality control monitoring of contracted security related projects.
  • Recommend guidelines, processes and procedures relative to the provision of security protection
    services to the government as required.
  • Electronically monitor the security of assets through the Communication Centre on a 24/7 basis;
    implementing work alone policies and systems to ensure all provincial employees feel safe in their