Real Estate and Contract Services


To provide for the acquisition, renewal and monitoring of leased facilities within the Accommodation Services Division portfolio and provide commercial and real estate expertise with respect to accommodation related issues; Provide an accurate space inventory of all leased and owned facilities and effective contract administration, monitoring and tendering activities for the Division; Responsible for central management of the provincial paid parking program to meet the cost–recoverable mandate and provide fair and equitable access to parking for the conduct of government business.

Activity Identification

Lease Acquisition and Renewal: Acquire lease properties which meet the client Departments’ program needs. Negotiate leases which are cost effective and meet the needs of client programs and the Province of Manitoba. Identify expiring leases and negotiate lease renewals at preferred rates including tenant improvements to meet the client program’s current requirements. Negotiate new lease transactions and lease renewals through direct negotiation or through the Invitation to Offer (Invitation) process. Prepare annual Leased Properties estimates.

Lease Administration: Provide day to day administration of all properties leased by the Province and ensure the proper use of Tenant Improvement Allowance agreed upon during lease negotiations. Coordinate the maintenance and operations of leased premises in accordance with terms and conditions of lease agreements throughout their term. Negotiate and administer leasehold improvements undertaken during the term of a lease agreement. Provide a point of contact and resolution for client service related issues. Manage conflict resolution between all parties with respect to contravention to the terms and conditions of lease agreements or Acts which apply to the properties (e.g. Workplace Safety & Health). Administer financial transactions such as rental payments, escalations, operating expenditures and adjustments as set out in the terms and conditions of the lease agreements.

Lease Documentation: Create and maintain all lease documentation and related ancillary documents for the lease portfolio.

Drawing and Record Archives: Provide space inventory drawings that depict base plans showing
workgroup allocations which support the Accommodation Cost Recovery System (ACRS) program.
Maintain centralized storage of all drawings, including as-builts, working drawings, etc.

Parking: The Provincial Parking Program was established as a central agency to maintain a controlled, cost recovery, paid parking program for each property owned or leased by the Province and to provide management for the program.

The mandate of the program is to provide fair and equitable access to a scarce parking resource for the conduct of Government business on a priority basis. The program is applicable to all Departments, Agencies, Boards, Commissions, MLA’s and their staff, government employees, students and contractors.

The Parking Program continues to support sustainable development through bicycle, scooter and
motorcycle parking areas, recycled signage, further installation of Anti-Idling signage, and the continued promotion of the online car pool initiative ( to assist employees who are not eligible for certified space.

Contracting Services: Provide all contracting and tendering activities for the Division in relation to
construction, consulting and service contracts, including the preparation of tender documents and award of contracts, ensuring a fair and equitable tender process and adherence to government policies and procedures.
Additionally, Service Contracts provide effective administration and monitoring of all service contracts involving a variety of services including development of tenders and contract documents, advertising, composing bids and awarding contracts.