Guide for Grandparents and Extended Family Members Applying for Access

Guide for Grandparents and Extended Family Members Applying for Access: to assist grandparents and other extended family members learn about their legal rights, the resources available to them and the process of applying to court to gain access to minor children in situations involving parental separation, divorce or death.
Disclaimer: This guide is meant to provide legal information only and is not advice. It is not approved by the court. The guide is not an official court manual and following this guide does not guarantee success in a court hearing. Court procedures and requirements may change from time to time. This guide is accurate as of June 2011. This guide cannot provide a substitute for the experience, knowledge and expertise that a lawyer can provide.

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Complete Guide
(PDF 891 KB)


Appendix A: Manitoba Laws on Grandparents' Access (PDF 64 KB)
Appendix B: Q.B. Rules on Parent Information Program (For the Sake of the Children) (PDF 65 KB)
Appendix C: Application Cover Page (BLANK) (Form 4B) (PDF 34 KB)
Appendix D: Notice of Application (BLANK) (PDF 54 KB)
Appendix E: Sample of Notice of Application with Cover Page (Completed Form) (PDF 59 KB)
Appendix F: Taking Oaths for Affidavits (PDF 58 KB)
Appendix G: Q.B. Rules on Affidavits (PDF 59 KB)
Appendix H: Affidavit (BLANK) (PDF 42 KB)
Appendix I: Sample Affidavit (Completed Form) (PDF 62 KB)
Appendix J: Affidavit of Service (BLANK) (PDF 53 KB)
Appendix K: Sample Affidavit of Service (Completed Form) (PDF 59 KB)
Appendix L: Acknowledgement of Service (BLANK) (PDF 53 KB)
Appendix M: Sample Acknowledgement of Service (Completed Form) (PDF 61 KB)
Appendix N: Q.B. Rules on Case Management (PDF 78 KB)
Appendix O: Requisition (BLANK) (PDF 49 KB)
Appendix P: Sample Requisition (Completed Form) (PDF 56 KB)
Appendix Q: Case Management Information Statement (BLANK) (PDF 66 KB)
Appendix R: Sample Case Management Information Statement (Completed Form) (PDF 67 KB)
Appendix S: Q.B. Rule on Pre-Trial Conference (PDF 55 KB)
Appendix T: Q.B. Rules - Motion/Application Briefs (PDF 58 KB)
Appendix U: Motion Brief/Application Brief (BLANK) (PDF 63 KB)
Appendix V: Sample Motion/Application Brief (Completed Form) (PDF 67 KB)
Appendix W: Q.B. Rules on Calculating Time (PDF 55 KB)
Appendix X: Q.B. Rules on Court Orders (PDF 61 KB)
Appendix Y: Order (Form 70N) (BLANK) (PDF 45 KB)
Appendix Z: Sample Order (Completed Form) (PDF 58 KB)
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