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Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living

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Have Your Say on the Future of Manitoba's Health-Care System

Every day, people across the province are directly affected by the choices government makes to invest in health care. Manitobans now have the opportunity to share their views on the future of our health care system as part of a health sustainability and innovation review currently underway.

We want your input on how health care spending should be prioritized, what services matter most, what can be done better and what ideas you have to make the system stronger.

Thank you for your interest in this survey, but it is now closed. The information collected is being used as part of the Health Sustainability and Innovation Review, which remains underway.


Every day, thousands of Manitobans use the health care system. Whether visiting their doctor’s office, receiving care in hospital, visiting an emergency department or getting a diagnostic test, quality care is provided across the province.

But right now, the costs of running the health care system are not sustainable. In 2013, data from the Canadian Institute for Health Information showed Manitoba had the third highest per capita health expenditures among all provinces in Canada. In 2014, Manitoba was one of two provinces with the highest proportion of budget being spent on health.

Spending on health care makes up about 46 per cent of the provincial budget in Manitoba. This year alone, more than $6 billion will be spent on health sector programs and services.

An average hospital stay costs $6,152. Ensuring a bed is available to care for someone in a personal care home can cost as much as $45,000 a year. And, dialysis services for one patient can cost between $95,000 and $107,000 a year.

With costs like these, government must look at ways to ensure health care spending is sustainable in the long term.

The Manitoba government is committed to making responsible, targeted investments to provide the highest-quality care for the most reasonable costs and best results possible.

Please share your ideas to help us create a system that is effective and efficient, and provides the best possible care for many years to come.