MPAN Funded Projects


Tuberculosis Patients – Dimensions of Personhood

  • Implementing the Patient Dignity Question, a tool to address tuberculosis patient personhood as a priority.

Development of primary care teams for comprehensive diabetes management

  • Improving the care of people living with diabetes and their families through introduction of an interprofessional care model for diabetes management in Norway House Cree Nation. 

Daily Delivery and Supervision of Psychotropic Medication for High-Risk Patients with Severe and Persistent Mental Illness

  • Improving medication adherence for high-risk clients requiring daily administration of psychotropic medications. 

Mental Health Court Expansion

  • Expediting fitness to stand trial assessments in the Mental Health Court to reduce the harmful effects of prolonged incarceration and / or hospitalization due to lengthy waits. 

Kidney Failure Risk Equation

  • Creating a clinical management pathway to guide physicians through the necessary tests and follow up for patients flagged as at risk for kidney failure.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy / Dialectical Behavioural Therapy Classes

  • Expanding and adapting Cognitive Behavioural Therapy / Dialectical Behavioural Therapy classes to teach strategies for self-management and help to prepare clients for group therapy.

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Treatment of Functional Movement Disorders

  • Increasing treatment volumes and reducing wait times for the treatment of functional movement disorders.

Seclusion Reduction/6 Core Strategies

  • Implementing the Six Core Strategies Model at the St. Boniface Hospital Mental Health inpatient unit.

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority Home Care

  • Identifying factors associated with caregiver distress for the Home Care program and enhancing knowledge of ways to support caregivers.

Aboriginal Health Programs Client Database

  • Implementing a secure solution for storage and management of personal health information of patients referred to Aboriginal Health Programs - Health Services at the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.

Enhancing Equitable Access to Childhood Immunizations

  • Redressing disparities in childhood vaccination rates in the Winnipeg health region through site specific immunization interventions.

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority Spine Clinic

  • Serving the low priority low back pain patients who have long wait times to see an orthopedic spine surgeon and reducing the wait lists for orthopedic spine surgeons.

Prairie Mountain Health Patient and Family Engagement Framework

  • Developing a patient and family engagement framework in Prairie Mountain Health that encourages patient and family involvement in care decisions and a culture of patient-centred care. 

Northern Health Region Check-In Kiosks

  • Implementing self check in kiosks in three high volume primary care clinics in the Northern Health Region.

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Integrated Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder Care Pathway

  • Piloting an interdisciplinary, collaborative approach to the management of COPD, to improve COPD care and patient outcomes.

Pre-Operative History & Assessment Guidelines

  • Building on the preoperative lab guidelines, the patient history and assessment requirements need to be defined and standardized provincially.

Introducing Physician Assistants into Primary Care – Phase I

  • Supporting quality care, access and interprofessional teams.

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Inter-Professional Practice Model

  • Development of an inter-professional practice model for fee-for-service primary care practices.

Communication and Swallowing Post-Stroke

  • Meeting the needs of the northern adult patients through telehealth.

Alternatives to Visits to Emergency Departments and Hospital Admissions  and Improvement of Complex Discharge Planning Processes

  • Improving patient care through the prevention and / or avoidance of emergency room visits and hospital stays through preventative care in the community.

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eBooking - Evaluation of Barriers

  • Conducting a qualitative study determine the barriers and resistance to using centralized booking software.

Mapping of Patient Journey to the Western Manitoba Cancer Centre

  • Improving the patient journey to the Western Manitoba Cancer Centre.

Process Engineering for Accessing Renal Care - Phase II

  • Redesigning the nephrology process to decrease wait times and improve access to services.

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Regional Health Authority Quality Improvement Training Strategy

  • LEAN/Six Sigma training for RHA and agency staff throughout Manitoba.

Improving the Cancer Patient's Journey from Diagnosis to Discharge: A Patient Navigation Initiative

  • Improving processes, increasing communication, reducing wait times and increasing satisfaction of patients and providers.

Maternal and Child Healthcare Services (MACHS) Consultations

  • Consultations with clinicians on improving rural and northern access to maternal and child specialized services.

St. Boniface Transformative Initiative

  • “CORE” team training and development.

Advanced Access in Primary Care

  • Implementing proven techniques for improved access to primary care services, resulting in increased patient and health provider satisfaction.

Process Engineering for Accessing Renal Care - Phase I

  • Redesigning the nephrology process to decrease wait times and improve access to services.

Centralizing Access to Psychiatric Consultations for Primary Care Physicians

  • Creating a single intake process to integrate services between the two teaching hospitals in Winnipeg and the Psychiatric Urgent Referral Clinic at the Misericordia.

Closing the Post-Fracture Care Gap in Manitoba (Bone Density)

  • Improving fracture follow up care through notifications sent directly to patient and family physician. 

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Topical Anaesthesia for Cataract Surgery

  • Development and implementation of a training program and new professional resource to improve efficiencies in cataract surgeries.

Pediatric Dental Surgery Centralized Wait List

  • Creating a single central list to improve access to services.

Redesign of Patient Flow, Central Regional Health Authority

  • Improving processes to result in increased capacity.

Redesign of Surgical Patient Flow at Children’s Hospital – Phase II

  • Improving processes to result in increased capacity.

Redesign of Patient Flow, Brandon Regional Health Authority

  • Improving processes to result in increased capacity.

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  • Introduction of the D-Dimer test (blood testing for deep vein thrombosis), using a formula for appropriate ordering, in Winnipeg emergency rooms.

Redesign of Surgical Patient Flow at Children’s Hospital – Phase I

  • Improving processes to result in increased capacity.

Pre-Operative Guidelines - Phase I

  • Development of standards for pre-surgery testing and documentation requirements.

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