Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Guidelines for Manitoba Local Government

Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Guidelines for Manitoba Local GovernmentOver the past several years, we have become more aware of the likely eventuality of a pandemic and its potential impact on public health, the ability to maintain essential services and the economy.

A pandemic influenza is a serious public health concern. It could cause a great deal of illness and death. Manitobans, like others around the world, are preparing to respond when the next pandemic arrives, even if we don't know when that will be.

These guidelines will help local governments plan and prepare for a pandemic. Although they do not provide all the answers, they raise some key issues and make suggestions for dealing with them. Local government and the community must determine how best to manage a pandemic emergency.

This guide is one part of a strategy by the Province of Manitoba to prepare government, businesses and other organizations to help create a co-ordinated, effective response to a pandemic. This strategy includes guidelines, communications and training sessions. For further information, see the contacts at the back of this guide. The term local government refers to municipalities, northern affairs communities, or First Nations communities.


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