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Self-management is a key element in primary care renewal and one component of person-centred care,a concept that emphasizes the partnerships necessary between individuals and providers in pursuing health and wellness and personal health goals.

What is Self-Management?

Self-management is having and demonstrating knowledge, skill, confidence, judgment and appropriate behavior(s) in order to live well and participate actively with health care providers in the management of one’s overall health.  In addition to education and skill development, self-management includes goal setting, developing action plans, deciding how to overcome barriers and monitoring progress to achieve personal goals.  Self-management supports are those programs, services, tools or resources which aid individuals to self manage as described above.

Supporting self-management approaches by providers and individuals is a concrete action in moving the focus of health care delivery away from institutions and toward the vision of ‘home as the hub’ from which health interventions occur.  Increased self-management by individuals will lead to enhanced access in their own home; a shift in care settings that has the potential to decrease costly hospital re-admissions and reduce utilization of emergency room services.


The attached discussion paper, Self-Management and Primary Care in Manitoba: The Way Forward, recommends the following actions to strengthen self-management in Manitoba:

  1. That system partners seek to narrow the knowledge gap with respect to the appropriateness of different self-management initiatives for various target groups, identify which key population groups are being missed and reasons for their exclusion[System];
  2. That  Manitoba Health and regional partners develop and implement a comprehensive evaluation framework for current self-management initiatives in the province and for those under consideration by regions  [System];
  3. That Manitoba Health, with regional partners, support current self-management initiatives and plan for integration within primary care and other areas of the health care system. [System/Provider];
  4. That the capacity and reach of TeleCARE be fully utilized and integrated within the primary health care system, then expanded through the addition of  another priority chronic condition, such as hypertension, COPD or asthma [Individual];
  5. That Manitoba Health ensures that existing self-management services are sustained, improved and enhanced for effectiveness.  [System/Individual];
  6. That Manitoba Health presents a plan for the development of an online health portal that would provide tailored self-management supports that are also integrated into the primary care system. [System/ Provider/Individual].
  7. That Manitoba Health, with regional partners, develops strategies to increase provider awareness of available supports and facilitation of personal self-management. This would be accomplished through existing partnerships, such as with the universities, RHAs and NGOs [System/Provider];
  8. That as My Health Teams (formerly called Primary Care Networks) are implemented, Manitoba Health promotes a focus on self-management supports within PCNs and primary care in general, with a specific emphasis on at-risk populations, such as those at high-risk of complications and re-admission [System/Provider];
  9. That if approved, Manitoba Health begin implementing an online health portal that would provide tailored self-management supports that are also integrated into the primary care system. [System/ Provider/Individual].

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