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Regional Health Authorities

Regional Health Authorities

Permanent boards of directors are now in place for Manitoba’s five new, merged regional health authorities (RHAs).

The new boards now in place have been selected to ensure an appropriate balance of skills, experience, diversity and geographic representation. The boards will focus on ensuring a smooth transition by streamlining the merged corporate operations while avoiding disruptions to front-line care.

The chairs of the new boards are:

  • Lloyd Flett (Interim Chair), Northern RHA;
  • Harry Showdra, Prairie Mountain Health;
  • Guy Lévesque, Southern Health-Santé Sud;
  • Oral Johnston, Interlake-Eastern RHA; and
  • Robert Brennan, Winnipeg RHA.

All board members were selected from those who served on the previous 11 RHA boards. Through the merger process, 81 RHA board positions have been eliminated.

The new boards have taken over from temporary interim boards that were in place for less than a month to oversee the establishment of the newly merged RHAs, begin merging the corporate structures and appointing the new chief executive officers. 

  • For more information concerning the Prairie Mountain Health Board, click here: (then follow link to Annual Report)

Revised June 16, 2016

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