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Are you between the ages of 14-18?
Looking for something unique and fun to do after school?


You should definitely check out the After School Leaders (ASL) program where there's something for everyone!

The ASL program offers unique after school opportunities to young people in high schools across Winnipeg and Brandon. You will have the opportunity to meet people from different schools, work as a team and as an individual, be mentored by industry professionals, and build your resume with new skills and experiences!

Building Confidence

Creating Learning Opportunities

ASL programs are delivered by partner organizations throughout the city covering a wide range of interests, such as; culinary arts, comic book creation, musical theatre, film production, music creation, song writing, broadcasting, bike mechanics, science and technology, art, dance, and more. Programs run from October to January and from March to June; two days a week after school. Check out some of our previous programs below!

Music Making and Cinematography at Just TV

Youth who participated in the Just TV program had opportunities to make their very own music and videos with the help of top production equipment, first class studios, and staff and mentors who are currently working in the industry. Here are a few projects from previous sessions at Just TV:

Anti-bullying Video

Ali Fontaine Music Video


Culinary Arts at Red River College

The Culinary Arts program at Red River College in Winnipeg and Assiniboine Community College in Brandon offered youth the opportunity to learn cooking and baking skills, kitchen safety, and get their Food Handler’s and WHMIS certification throughout their program. Youth who participated in this program were instructed by professional chefs in state of the art culinary facilities at the colleges.

Culinary Arts Students
enlarge image

Summer Work Experience Program

Looking for summer work opportunities? Look no further! Youth who participate in the ASL program throughout the school year are given the opportunity to apply for paid summer work placements in the field of their program.

After School Leaders Employment

Growing Positive Friendships


What is ASL?

ASL is a an after school program that offers students ages 14-18 in Winnipeg schools the opportunity to explore career options and identify an area that taps their potential and passion within the content areas of arts, science, technology, sports and communication.

Who are the partner organizations?

Our partner organizations are youth serving agencies throughout Winnipeg and Brandon and are subject to change as programs change. Some of the organizations who have delivered ASL in the past are; Manitoba Theatre for Young People (MTYP), Just TV/Broadway Neighborhood Centre, Red River College, The Winnipeg Repair and Education Cycling Hub (The WRENCH), Ka Ni Kanichihk, CanU, Freeze Frame, Graffiti Art Programming (GAP), Winnipeg Aboriginal Sport Achievement Centre (WASAC), and Assiniboine Community College.

Who is eligible to participate?

Any youth who attends school and is between the ages of 14-18 is eligible to participate.

What is the role of the Province of Manitoba?

The Province of Manitoba is the primary funder of ASL and is responsible for the overview and coordination of all the ASL program sites. The Program Coordinator is also responsible for visiting program sites for monitoring purposes. You can contact the program coordinator with any questions or concerns at

What is the time commitment for youth?

ASL offers two 10-14 week sessions during the school year; one from October to January, and the other from March to June. ASL sites run two days a week for 3-4 hours after school. Each program has a slightly different schedule, but all programs run between Monday-Friday and are finished by 8pm at the latest. Specific information will be made available on our website during the registration process prior to the beginning of each new session.

Are there any costs associated with ASL?

There are no costs to the youth to participate in program.

How do youth get to and from program?

Youth are given bus tickets in each program to get to their ASL site and back home at the end of the evening. They are also given an extra bus ticket to return to program the following day.

Is there food provided while youth are at program?

Every program day the youth will be provided with a nutritiously balanced snack/meal.

Will youth have the opportunity to showcase their accomplishments to their family and friends?

There will be a showcase for each program during the final month of program where youth are able to show off their accomplishments to their family and friends. This will look different for each program, but this process is youth led and they will have a say in what their showcase entails.

After School Leaders: Spring 2017

** All of the ASL programs provide a nutritious meal/snack,
as well as bus tickets to travel to and from program. **

Just TV logo

Just TV : Videography and Music Making

Dates: March 5 to May 11, 2018
Days of the week: Monday and Friday, 4:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Location: Broadway Neighbourhood Centre, 185 Young Street

Are you interested in how music, music videos, documentaries and short films are made? The After School Leaders Just TV program is a place where you can make your own music and videos. You will use top production equipment and incredible studios to learn the basics of music and video production such as acting, lighting, audio, camera operation, script development, writing, storyboarding, and editing. Past participants have recorded songs, made music videos, Claymation videos, documentaries, short films and more. Just TV is a fun place to get the experience and tools you need to get started - and (with the help of competent, fun and energetic staff) – create your very own video or song.

Students interested in Videography and Music Making at Just TV, should register online by February 23rd.

The Wrench logo

The WRENCH: Youth Cycle Builders

Dates: March 12 to June 11, 2018
Days of the week: Monday and Wednesday, 4:00 – 7:30pm
Location: The WRENCH, 1057 Logan Avenue

Do you like bikes? Do you want to learn how to build and paint a custom bike for yourself? Would you like to make money with your new skills? Sign up for the WRENCH’s Youth Cycle Builders – After School Leaders program.

Youth Cycle Builders (YCB) taps into your mechanical potential by channeling your passion for bicycles. Over a series of 24 workshops YCB will give you well-rounded training for future employment, covering everything from basic to advanced bicycle mechanics, frame painting and riding skills. Each session YCB participants will dismantle and re-build a different bicycle component system. In the process you will build and paint a custom bicycle to keep for yourself and one (or more) to sell – and you get to keep the money! And that’s not all: after completing the Youth Cycle Builders course you will be eligible for a summer job at the WRENCH!

Students interested in Youth Cycle Builders at The WRENCH, should register online by February 23rd.

Manitoba Theatre for Young People logo

MTYP: Digital Film

Dates: March 2 to June 15, 2018
Days of the week: Monday and Friday, 4:30 – 7:30 p.m.
Location: Manitoba Theatre for Young People, 2 Forks Market Road

At After School Leaders Digital Film at Manitoba Theatre for Young People, students will pitch projects for production and be engaged in all of the stages from concept to finished product, such as: story development, script writing, casting, rehearsing, acting on camera, design, filming, and reaching an audience through the internet. They will screen their work publicly at a red carpet event at the end of the session in MTYP’s theatre. If you’ve taken a program at MTYP before, you’ll find a new challenge in Digital Film – you’ll build on what you’ve learned and advance your performance and production skills. However, dedicated students new to MTYP are also welcome!

Students interested in Digital Film at MTYP should register online by February 23rd.

Studio 393 Logo

Graffiti Art Programming Inc.: Studio 393 Film Mentorship

Dates: March 6 to June 14, 2018
Days of the week: Tuesday and Thursday, 4:30 – 8:00 p.m.
Location: Studio 393 in the Portage Place Mall Skywalk - Between the Bay and Portage Place

Are you a hiphop MC, artist or dancer looking to create music videos? An aspiring filmmaker wanting to learn how to shoot and edit music videos or short films? Maybe you are interested in the hip hop scene and want to get involved? Graffiti Art Programming Inc. with After School Leaders is proud to present the Studio 393 Film Mentorship! You will take part in creating a short films and music video from the ground up, working together on the story, script, camera work, lighting, acting, audio, set and costume design, editing, video effects and more! Learn directly from industry professionals in film and TV, music production and dance that will help you start your own career in the arts. 

Students interested in the Studio 393 Film Mentorship should register online by February 23rd.

Manitoba Theatre for Young People logo

Red River College: Culinary and Baking

Dates: March 12 to May 17, 2018
Days of the week: Wednesday and Thursday, 4:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Location: Red River College, 504 Main Street

Are you interested in learning about food and how to cook for yourself? In the After School Leaders Culinary and Baking Program you will learn cooking and baking skills in Red River’s professional baking and cooking labs. You will come to the College and have a snack, then go to a lab to learn food sanitation, kitchen safety, basic knife skills, cooking techniques, culinary terminology, serving basics and how to eat healthily on a budget. You will cook interesting foods like curries and chicken fingers and learn to bake breads, cookies and desserts. Studying for and writing the Food Handler’s exam will prepare you for possible future employment in the food industry. The program ends with a fun reception where you can invite your friends and family to enjoy the tasty appetizers and beautiful desserts you have prepared.

Students interested in Culinary and Baking at Red River College,should register online by February 23rd.

Manitoba Theatre for Young People logo

Red River College: Biotechnology

Dates: March 6 to June 14, 2018
Days of the week: Tuesday and Thursday, 4:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Location: Red River College, 2055 Notre Dame Avenue

The After School Leaders Biotechnology Training Program will provide you with hands on opportunities to explore fun facts of Science and biotechnology. You will do activities and experiments like DNA extraction using Strawberries, Tablet Making (Aspirin Production), making bath bombs, elephant toothpaste and explore other fields like Fermentation, Bioprocessing, Animal Health Technology and Dental Assisting (making your teeth molds). You will be working in a laboratory setting learning to follow safety procedures, using different lab instruments. Besides gaining technical experience you will develop personal skills like time management, following directions and working in a group; all great additions to your resume. You will also complete the WHMIS( Workplace Hazardous Material Information System) program and receive WHMIS certification.

Students interested in Biotechnology at Red River College,should register online by February 23rd.

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Broadway Neighbourhood Centre

Graffiti Art Programming

Ka Ni Kanichihk

Manitoba Theatre for Young People

Red River College



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