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Government of Manitoba
Healthy Child Manitoba

Pregnant or a New Parent?

Healthy Baby encourages early regular prenatal care and promotes and supports healthy outcomes for moms, babies and families.

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Manitoba Prenatal Benefit

If you are pregnant, live in Manitoba and have a net family income of less than $32,000 a year, the Manitoba Prenatal Benefit can provide you with a monthly cheque to help you buy healthy foods that you need during pregnancy.

Notice: Postal Service Disruption

Due to the potential Canada Post disruption, Manitoba Prenatal Benefit cheques for July will not be sent through the mail. Cheques will be available for pick-up at designated distribution centres.

In order to pick up your cheque at the designated site, you will need to show proper identification.

When you come, please bring with you:

1 valid photo ID
2 valid non photo pieces of ID

Find out which location has your cheque:

For more information, please call 204-945-1301

Community Support Programs

Healthy Baby Community Support programs help pregnant women and new parents connect with other parents, families and health professionals. Healthy Baby group sessions offer information, support and resources on prenatal and postnatal nutrition and health, breastfeeding, parenting tips and lifestyle choices.

What some moms have said about Healthy Baby…

“My husband and I are young parents and the money we receive each month allows us to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.”

"…everyone is friendly and you find out a lot of information and if you don't want to talk, they don't make you say anything."

"a very accepting atmosphere there"

"Getting out and being around people… learning things… gives me something to do."

Learn more about the Manitoba Prenatal Benefit and Healthy Baby Community Support Programs in Manitoba.

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