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Healthy Kids, Healthy Futures

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Healthy Kids, Healthy Futures

Healthy Kids, Healthy Futures

In August 2004, Premier Gary Doer announced the creation of an all-party task force called Healthy Kids, Healthy Futures, to ask Manitobans how to help children and young people enjoy the best possible health now and into their adult lives. The task force was particularly interested in factors that affect children’s health in the areas of nutrition, physical activity and injury prevention. In addition, presenters raised other issues.

A number of questions were considered focusing on nutrition, physical activity and unintentional injury prevention for children and youth. The sections of the final report are based on all of the submissions made to the task force through 153 presentations at 12 public meetings, 48 presentations sent by mail and e-mail and 154 completed questionnaires from the website.

The information from the consultations with students in 13 schools in several communities and from the day-long provincial Healthy Living Youth Forum is also detailed. Students identified similar issues, and raised others, such as mental health, tobacco use, suicide prevention and the abuse of drugs and alcohol.

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