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Healthy Living and Seniors

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Informed Dining

Making smart food choices is an important part of healthier living.

Whether eating in your home or in a restaurant, being informed about things like nutritional value, calories, sodium and fat content can help us make better choices.

To help everyone make more informed choices when they eat in restaurants, the government of British Columbia developed the Informed Dining program. Participating restaurants give you information about the foods they serve -- calorie and sodium detail is highlighted for all regular menu items, along with information on daily calorie and sodium guidelines.

The Manitoba government is pleased to collaborate with the government of B.C. and the restaurant industry to promote this program in Manitoba.

Currently in Manitoba, Dairy Queen/Orange Julius, Tim Hortons, Subway, Boston Pizza, Quiznos, McDonalds, Moxie's and The Keg are participating, and more restaurants will be joining as the program grows.

We encourage you to visit the following website to learn more about this program and to see the Informed Dining logos you should look for at participating restaurants.

For more information about the Informed Dining program email