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Reducing Sedentary Behaviour Pledge

We commit to helping our employees move more during their work day.

runnersEveryone knows that physical activity is beneficial and that most of us could be more active. Inactivity is one controllable risk factor for a growing range of chronic conditions (ex: Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, some cancers, bone and joint diseases, mild depression). Approximately 80% of Manitoba adults have been found to have at least one of these risk factors, including insufficient levels of activity. Only about half of adult Manitobans are getting regular physical activity.

Increasing physical activity offers many benefits:

  • increases energy

  • reduces stress & improves sleep

  • favourable changes in blood pressure & cholesterol levels

  • bolsters mental wellness and resiliency

  • strengthens the heart, lungs and muscles

  • improves overall quality of life

Research has found that 42% of Canadian workers report “lack of time due to work” as a barrier to physical activity. Almost two-thirds of us are working more than 45 hours a week – 50% more than two decades ago.

Workplaces are important places to promote a culture of physical activity. Employees find it an appealing venue because of the convenience, familiarity, peer support, flexibility and reduced personal expense. Employers who help employees build physical activity into their work day will benefit with:

  • Strengthened teamwork

  • less absenteeism and sick time

  • lower health care costs

  • more productive and alert staff

  • reduced turnover

  • improved employee morale

  • reduced operating costs

Statistics show...

  • workplace physical activity programs can reduce sick leave by up to 32%, increase productivity by up to 52% and reduce workplace injuries by 25%

  • work performance can be improved by four to 15% when employees participate in regular physical activity (Health Canada)

  • physically active employees take 27% fewer days of sick leave (Public Health Agency of Canada)

  • turnover rates for fitness program participants was 32.4% lower than average over seven years (Canadian Life Assurance Company)



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