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Wellness Works

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Pledge Information

Share your commitmentmeditation

Sharing your Commitment to Wellness with the world is an important first step to creating a more positive work environment and helping your employees adopt healthier lifestyles – good business for everyone.
Your next step is to build a wellness program that best suits your business and the needs of your employees.

Making a pledge

Pledging your participation in a particular pledge direction will help you to focus your program activities, and stick to your goals.

Group support is an effective way to inspire positive changes in behaviour, so try not to make unilateral decisions without talking to your employees.

Remember, some benefits of your wellness program will be immediately apparent, while others may take more time. An organization working together as a group can help support each other in sticking to the goals of your pledge. The more a wellness initiative is integrated into regular business processes, the better the return on everyone’s investment.

Get started

There are many ways to create a healthier workplace. The most important thing to remember is that you have to start somewhere. Think about which pledges(s) would have the greatest benefit for your employees and your organization and take it from there.

Active Transportation Pledge
Caregiver Pledge
Ergonomics Pledge
Flu Prevention Pledge
Physical Activity: Events and Promotions Pledge
Healthy Food Culture Pledge
Healthier Food and Drinks Pledge Healthy Shift Pledge
Infrastructure to Support Phsical Activity Pledge
Preventing and Managing Chronic Disease Pledge
Reducing Sedentary Behaviour Pledge
Respectful Workplace Pledge
Stress Management Pledge
Sun Safety Pledge
Tobacco Free Pledge
Work-Life Balance Pledge