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If you are having an immediate mental health crisis, please click here to see a listing of mental health crisis lines and services available in Manitoba.

Reclaiming Hope:

Manitoba’s Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy

Reclaiming Hope:  Manitoba’s Youth Suicide Prevention StrategyThe goal of the strategy is to prevent the tragedy of youth suicide and suicide-related thoughts and behaviours. Activities were identified for the strategy that both enhance protective factors and reduce risk factors known to contribute to suicidal thinking and behaviour. The strategy will help youth develop healthy individual coping strategies encouraging them to embrace and succeed in life; will enhance family, social and community supports; and will improve access to mental health treatment.

The main components and basic structure of the strategy were influenced by the Canadian Association of Suicide Prevention Blueprint and the Framework for Suicide Prevention in Manitoba, and are consistent with the federal government’s National Aboriginal Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy.

The recommendations of the external reviews of child welfare were also considered in the development of this strategy, recognizing that many children involved with Child and Family Services are at significant vulnerability for suicide and suicide-related thoughts and behaviors.

The Changes for Children Initiative was designed to address the recommendations of the external reviews, and this strategy will address recommendations related to suicide prevention. In addition to the items identified in this strategy, funding to expand the Winnipeg mobile crisis team and the crisis stabilization unit in Winnipeg will be provided.

arrow Download Reclaiming Hope: Manitoba's Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy PDF | Dec 2008

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