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Manitoba Healthy Schools

Healthy Schools

Manitoba School Nutrition Handbook

The Manitoba School Nutrition Handbook has been developed to help school communities:

manitoba school nutrition handbook

» promote healthy eating, consistent with what is taught in the school curriculum,
» make the healthy choice the easy choice, and
» support students in establishing healthy eating habits for a lifetime.

This handbook is designed to help school communities develop nutrition policies and implement changes to promote healthier eating options. To complement the handbook you will find additional information on a broad range of topics and activities, including downloadable fact sheets and templates, and case studies to share Manitoba experiences and success stories.

The tools and resources can help schools work towards the healthy eating component of the Healthy Schools program.

arrow Click here to download the Manitoba School Nutrition Handbook PDF [français]

A Guidelines for Foods Available in K to 12 Schools in Manitoba Poster, has also been developed to assist those making decisions about what food will be available in or promoted by schools.

arrow Click here to download the Guidelines for Foods Available in K to 12 Schools in Manitoba Poster PDF [français]

Healthy Schools is a partnership of:
Health, Seniors and Active Living
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