Manitoba Lifestyle: Maps

Manitoba encompasses an area of 649,950 km2 (250,946 miles2) located in the centre of North America and Canada. The capital city of Winnipeg is located in the southeast quadrant of the province.

Manitoba is located in the Central time zone of North America. In the map below, Winnipeg, Manitoba’s capital, and Churchill, Manitoba’s largest northern city, can be seen. Manitoba is in the same time zone as Mexico and only two time zones behind Brazil!

Map of the world and the time zones

Did you know...Manitoba is one one short flight away from the gateway cities of Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto?

Map of the North American Trade Corridor

Map of the mid-continent trade corridor that leads to Manitoba

Small map of Manitoba

Highway Map of Manitoba with major cities and town.

Map of Manitoba

The learn more about Manitoba’s geography; visit Manitoba’s Business Facts Geography Overview webpage.

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