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International Students

Assiniboine Community College

General Offerings

  • Certificate Programs
  • Diploma Programs
  • Technical/Vocational Program
  • Senior Years (for adult students only, at the Assiniboine Community College Adult Collegiate)

For a list of programs open to international students, please refer to our website. http://public.assiniboine.net/Default.aspx?tabID=94&i=772

Key Information

  • Location: Brandon, Manitoba
  • Accommodation Options: Private Housing (student must arrange on their own, although we have a list of room and boards/suites/apartments which students can use to look for housing). Brandon University has a residence and it is available to our students. Students can take the bus between the residence and the college. For more information about housing, please refer to our website. Housing
  • Health Insurance Requirement: International students must subscribe to the Manitoba International Student Health Insurance Plan. We charge the insurance fees to the student and then remit the fees to the insurance company on the student's behalf.
  • Student Population: ACC has a full-time enrolment of just under 2000 students at the Brandon campus. Most of our students come from southwestern Manitoba. There are currently only a few international students at ACC, although we have noted an increase in interest in the last few years.
  • Study Periods: Programs begin in early September and run for an 8 to 10 month duration each year; we do not have January intakes. Practical Nursing starts in July and October each year. Most programs run for an 8 to 10 month duration each year.

Institutional Profile

Assiniboine Community College provides an excellent balance of theoretical and practical education, to prepare students for careers in Agriculture and Environment, Business, Health and Human Services, and Trades and Technology. While our programs are open to secondary school graduates, university graduates are often drawn by the leading-edge technology and practical training that provides them with an edge in the employment market. We are known for our "small school atmosphere", low student-teacher ratios, and innovative technology. However, low tuition fees and low numbers of international students mean that we can offer limited international student supports and services.

Program Details

For detailed program information, please click on the program of your choice from Available Programs.

Tuition and Fees

Fees and book costs vary for each program. International student fees for tuition are 1.75 times the tuition fee listed for Canadian students in the program descriptions. Lab, material, and Students' Association fees and book costs are the same as for Canadian students. Check specific costs for the program you are interested in by referring to our Costs.

Enrolment Information

International students must meet the Admission Requirements for the program for which they are applying and must be able to demonstrate proficiency in the English Language regquirements. For admissions procedures and information on How to Apply, please refer to our website.

Contact Information

For more information, please contact Student Services at:

Tel: 204-725-8723
Toll-free: 1-800-862-6302, ext. 6639 (in Canada only)
Fax: 204-725-8740

E-mail: StudentServices@Assiniboine.net
Web: www.assiniboine.net click on Student Services and select International Students

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